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Foods That Will Destroy Your Disposal

After a big meal or a party, getting rid of leftover food can be a hassle. Whatever isn’t packed away and saved for later will most likely be thrown out, but where exactly are you going to put it? Despite what you might think, you can’t throw anything and everything down your garbage disposal. There are some foods that will wreck the disposal and leave you with a mess!


This healthy vegetable, that pairs nicely with some peanut butter, is more dangerous than you’d think. Well, more dangerous for your disposal at least! Its stringy fibers can get caught in the blades and ruin the machinery.

Coffee Grounds

They may seem tiny and easily disposable, but it’s all a ruse! The more you put down the disposal, the more they build up over time. They mix with the water and become a sluggy, condensed material that clogs your drain.


Any type of pasta can cause a problem, not just stringy spaghetti. When exposed to water, it keeps expanding. It can keep building up and fill your disposal completely. Keep this in mind next time you are getting rid of pasta and throw it out in the regular garbage.

Egg Shells

While it’s not necessarily a food, it still counts under this list! The shells’ membrane can get stuck to the sides of the drainage or wrap the blades on the disposal. Some argue that egg shells actually aren’t bad for your garbage disposal because they can sharpen the machinery. However, it’s best not to take any chances.

Fruit Pits

Most fruits come with pits that are extremely durable and tough. If you’re not careful, they can break your garbage disposal so easily! The hard surface of the pit fighting the blades of your disposal is a scary battle you don’t want to see.