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  • Bad plumber looking distressed

    How to Hire the Right Plumber

    The internet has given us access to more goods and services than ever before. While this allows us to get whatever we need at the ...

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  • White toilet in dark grey bathroom

    Can You Really Unclog a Toilet with just Baking Soda and Vinegar?

    It’s something no homeowner wants to deal with at the end of a busy day — a clogged toilet. Especially if you can’t get a ...

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  • Drying towels

    Does Your Home Need a Water Softener or Filtration System?

    Whole home water softeners — you’ve heard that people have them, but are they really worth it? Absolutely! Water softeners make it ...

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  • Replacing Your Pipes

    4 Steps for Replacing Your Pipes

    Pipes — they’re one of the most important aspects of your home and you probably never give them a second thought. That is, until ...

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  • water flowing down drain

    Common Plumbing Problems that Can Easily be Prevented

    Sure, plumbing problems are bound to pop up at some point. But would you believe it if we told you that the most common problems ...

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  • showerhead

    Is High Water Pressure Damaging Your Plumbing?

    Have your friends and family ever left your bathroom raving about how good your water pressure is? While that may seem like a good ...

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  • woman checking sink

    Plumbing Sounds that Mean There’s a Problem

    Some plumbing sounds are normal — the rush of water coming out of a sink after you turn it on or the bubbling of a water heater as ...

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  • Plumbing clog

    The 3 Smartest Ways to Clear Plumbing Clogs

    No matter how well you care for your plumbing, everyone will experience a clog at some point in their life. And while a clog can ...

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  • washing hands

    Conserving Water This Summer

    It can be easy to take water for granted, seeing as how every time we flip a switch or turn on a hose water comes rushing through. ...

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  • modern kitchen

    Plumbing Nightmare? Mr. Rooter is Here to Help

    Homes across the country have suddenly turned into classrooms, gyms, and offices. Now, more than ever, it’s so important that ...

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  • White and grey modern bathroom

    How Ignoring Your Plumbing Is Hurting Your Home

    We’ve all heard the saying ‘out of sight, out of mind.’ Unfortunately, this is the way most people care for their plumbing — if ...

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  • modern decoration design of bathroom

    Are My Pipes Corroded? A Guide

    Corrosion is common among metal pipes. Often, the corrosion is caused by oxidation or the aging of pipes. A pipe with corrosion ...

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  • Blue pipe in the ground

    My Pipes Are Vibrating -- Why?

    Vibrating or rattling pipes may make some homeowners worry that something is wrong with their plumbing. Thankfully, most of the ...

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  • Blue carpet dryer plugged into the wall in the corner of a house

    How to Repair a Water Damaged Carpet

    Whether its source is a small leak or a burst pipe, water can easily ruin your carpet if not treated promptly and properly. At Mr. ...

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  • Open white toilet

    What Is "Ghost Flushing?"

    When it’s the middle of the night and you’re alone at home, hearing the toilet suddenly flush is the last thing you want to ...

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  • Pipe against a brick pipe wall labelled "gas"

    Questions to Ask Before Having a Gas Line Installed

    From your stove to the fireplace, a quality gas line can make all the difference in your home. If you’re switching from electric ...

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  • hand under running shower water against a blue tiled shower wall

    The Pros and Cons of Each Type of Water Heater

    The last thing you want to do after waking up at the crack of dawn is wrestle with your water heater , hoping to get just a ...

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  • Pink-gloved hands cleaning a white toilet bowl with a toilet brush and a green sponge

    DIY Methods for Preventing Toilet Bowl Stains

    Finding hard water stains or rust streaks in your toilet makes this already less-than-glamorous fixture that much more disgusting. ...

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  • Mr. Rooter Plumbing a Neighborly Company banner with tools and a blue background

    What to Look Out for When You Need Sewer Replacement

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates the average American household uses 300 gallons of water every day . All the ...

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  • Mr. Rooter Plumbing a Neighborly Company banner with tools and a blue background

    What is the Trenchless Sewer Pipe Lining Process in San Francisco?

    Clogged sewer lines are common problems, but broken sewer lines? Things can quickly turn into a disaster in any San Francisco ...

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  • Mr. Rooter Plumbing a Neighborly Company banner with tools and a blue background

    Hydrojetting Drain Cleaning: Is it Right for Your Home in Daly City?

    Is hydro jetting drain cleaning right for your home in Daly City? If you are a homeowner, especially if your home has a septic ...

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  • Mr. Rooter Plumbing a neighborly company banner with plumbing tools

    Detailed Step By Step Guide On How To Use A Sewer Lining Equipment

    A sewer pipe lining needs to be installed carefully. There is need for the installation of the sewer lining in a drain that ...

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