Mediating a Plumbing Emergency in Santa Cruz, CA

A critical plumbing emergency can transpire at any moment, which is precisely why homeowners in Santa Cruz, CA should be aware of how to manage accidents in an efficient and prompt manner. Prepare in advance with the assistance of our list of helpful tips for managing plumbing emergencies in Santa Cruz.

Stay Calm

Before you make any decisions, make an effort to remain calm when you encounter a plumbing emergency. This may be easier said than done for many of us, but taking a moment to collect yourself is the best means of clearing your head before you tackle the issue. Giving yourself a few moments to breathe can be instrumental in reducing your stress so you handle the situation in the most effective manner.

Switch Off Your Water

After you've taken a minute to de-stress, the most important thing to do is to shut down your home's water source immediately. Make sure you know where your home's central water valve is located and where the shut-off switches are on all of your plumbing devices. If the issue is a result of a specific device, such as your sink or toilet, knowing where the shut-off valve is on the appliance will enable you to quickly switch it off and block the excessive entrance of water into your home. But if you can't determine where the issue is coming from, switching your water off with your home's main shut off valve is the best means of protecting your home from water damage.

Switch Off Your Water Heater

When you turn off your home's central source, you will soon realize that your water heater's pressure is starting to get higher. This is especially dangerous if the pressure exceeds your unit's limitations because it can burst and inflict major harm on your home. Prevent this from happening by switching off your hot water heater promptly after you've switched off your home's central water source.

Call Your Local Plumber

The last thing you want to be doing in the midst of a plumbing crisis is frantically trying to find your plumber's contact information. With this in mind, write your plumber's phone number down or store it in your phone so you will be able to find it quickly in the event of a plumbing emergency.