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Why Should You Get a Sewer Inspection?

It is common to have inspections during the purchase of a home. You may also want to have the sewer inspected if you are selling a house to make sure that it is safe and working correctly for the next owners. If you are interested in buying a home in Seattle, it is important to have the whole sewer system inspected, including the main sewer line.

Avoid the Costs of Major Repairs

If you are looking at homes, and decide to have the sewer inspected, you may avoid costly repairs after the closing. It is important to note that many inspections do not include the main sewer line because it is underground. A check with a camera can tell you if the pipes are old, cracked, need repairs, or clogged. If you do not have this inspection, you could buy into very costly repairs in the future. A damaged sewer system can cause structural damage, damage to landscaping, unsafe leaking, and back-ups into your home.

Get an Estimate

You may want to remodel or repair an older home in King County, and an inspection can help you estimate the costs of replacing old pipes or installing new plumbing to your system. During the investigation, we let you know of any needed repairs, leaks, or old pipes that need attention. Once you are done remodeling and repairing or replacing your old plumbing, you can feel confident that you have a home to live in or sell that has quality plumbing installed.

Determine the Problem

You might have an issue with the sewer system in your home, and you want to get it checked to make sure everything is working well. Having your whole home inspected can give you the answers you need to plan on the repairs and preventative maintenance you need.

If you want the sewer pipes in your home inspected, or you are buying a home and need an inspection to feel confident, call Mr. Rooter in Seattle, so we can examine it and let you know if there are any issues.

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