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How To Troubleshoot Your Kitchen Sink Sprayer Hose

Monday, February 29, 2016 - 6:52pm

In the kitchen, there are a ton of accessories that can make your day run smoother. The dishwasher is a huge helper and can cut your clean-up time in half. It also helps to keep your monthly water bill at a reasonable amount.

Another plumbing accessory that is very helpful is the sprayer hose on the kitchen sink. This little accessory makes cleaning up the sink and the dishes a snap. Though it was originally designed to help with spraying off produce, it is helpful for all sorts of cleaning tasks that you have to complete at the kitchen sink.

Unfortunately, the kitchen sink hose is one of those accessories that you really miss when it is not working. Before you rush out to purchase a new kitchen sprayer hose, follow these tips to see if you can repair the one that you have:

  • If your sprayer hose isn’t sprayer water out as well as it used to, it might be that the spray heads are blocked with mineral build-up. If you have hard water in your home, the mineral deposits from the water will collects on the sprayer heads as the water is being sprayed out. To fix this, simply soak the sprayer nozzle in a bowl of water and vinegar. This will break down the build-up and then you can scrub the nozzle with a toothbrush or another bristle scrubber. If you can see the build-up on the nozzle head, try to pay close attention there with your scrubber brush. Getting that corrosion cleaned off is going to be key in getting your nozzle spraying correctly again.
  • If the hose has a leak in it, try to seal the leak using a patch kit or some plumbing tape. If the hose is old and cracked, you may need to just replace the hose all together rather than trying to repair it. Kitchen sprayer hoses are made from material that is designed to withstand water but, over time all items will begin to break down and get old. Replacing the hose is not a huge expense and it’s good to do because the leak is causing a loss of water that is expensive.

Most of your plumbing system doesn’t get paid much attention to during the day-to-day routine. But, when something goes wrong, everyone notices. It’s hard to know what you would miss – until it’s broken! Keep your kitchen sprayer in good shape with these tips.

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