What the Heck is a Bidet?

MR Blog Graphic (Bidet)
It’s likely if you live in the United States, your bathroom lacks the presence of a bidet. But, if you’ve ever been abroad before and have visited Europe, Japan, and South America, the companionship between the toilet and the bidet is not uncommon.

For those unfamiliar with its purpose, it serves to assist you with a cleanse of freshness after toilet use. The device puts toilet paper to shame with its water-spraying jets designed to keep you fresh after taking care of business.

Did you know the word “bidet” comes from the French burly pony with the same name? The device got its name because sitting upon a bidet mirrors the position you would be in if you mounted a small horse.

Bidets are simple to use, sterile, soft on the skin, and environmentally friendly. The question then becomes why have bidets not been put into common practice in America. The most logical theories that explain this are laid out in our history. World War II is a likely reason behind this. During the war, it was likely US soldiers were exposed to bidets in French brothels and most likely nowhere else. This spread the concept that bidets were dirty and unethical. Another possible explanation for keeping bidet out of the US would be the conservatism of many Americans. The early designs of bidets included the use of your hands to clean private areas directly. Traditionally, Americans have a reputation for being conservative about this area and have felt more comfortable with a safeguard of toilet paper separating one's private areas and hands.

Toilet paper wasn’t commercially available until the 1920s. Prior to this invention people from all over the world looked to the environment for clean up after taking care of business even if it meant using whatever was available. A bidet is more sensible and will pay for itself by at least partially eliminating the cost of toilet paper. The common practice of the bidet also saves vital environmental resources and reduces pollution. The bidet might be on the verge of emergence in the US as a luxury item. Once you try it your perception of the bidet might change from luxury to necessity. Consider the health benefits. Most people who have tried it now can’t live without it and wish they had adopted the concept much sooner. For all your bidet needs and helpful information on the product click here.