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    How Much Does It Cost to Snake the Main Sewer Line?

    If you've noticed that you plunge your toilet more often and water backs up with a gurgling sound, the chances are that the main ...

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  • Person using a cell phone to take a picture of a leaking toilet

    What Causes Toilet Flange Leaks?

    If your toilet leaks, there’s a good chance that a broken toilet flange is to blame. The flange is the metal coupling on top of ...

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  • Water coming from a square shower head in modern bathroom with white tile

    5 Reasons Your Shower Makes a Squealing Noise

    If your shower is squealing, screaming, or whistling at you every time you take a shower, it’s safe to say things are not working ...

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  • Modern bathroom with white tile and a shower

    Bathtub-to-Shower Conversions: Are They Worth It?

    Doing a bathtub-to-shower conversion is popular among homeowners, mostly for practical reasons. The thought of upgrading to a ...

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