Our All-Time Favorite Funny Bathroom Signs

13 Of Our Favorite Funny Bathroom Signs

Mr. Rooter Plumbing works in bathrooms all over the country. Some of our favorites have humorous décor that makes us belly laugh as we make plumbing repairs. Check out these funny bathroom signs, and you might get inspired to bring smiles to your own houseguests.

Signs for Household Bathrooms

1. Remain Seated - You don't want to risk breaking a leg, literally!

Please remain seated during the entire performance

2. Sprinkles - Cupcakes will never taste the same again.

Sprinkles are for cupcakes, not for toilet seats

3. Do Not Flush - Hopes and dreams are known to wreak havoc on any septic system.

Do Not Flush - Hopes and dreams are known to wreak havoc on any septic system.

4. The Letter P - For cryptic labeling of the bathroom.

This room is brought to you by the letter P and the numbers 1 & 2

5. So Thoughtful - For when you want to offer guests the most supportive hospitality and also make them feel a little comfortable.

I hope everything comes out okay

6. Always do as Yoda says - It doesn't take Jedi powers to change a roll.

Refill the toilet paper, you will. Yoda.

7. Magical - Excuse me, I have to go make some rainbows.

Unicorn pooping rainbows

8. Plunger - Next week on "Dirty Jobs"...

Worst job ever cross-stitch

9. Which Way? - Debate settled, with cross-stitch.

Which way to load toilet paper roll?

10. Mermaid, Centaur, Whatever - Hygiene is fundamental, regardless of your dimension.

Mermaid or Centaur? Whatever, just wash your hands

11. Rainclouds - Beware of rain that comes at you sideways and don't drink the yellow puddles.

Men and women bathroom signs

12. Drinks - Which bathroom do you use? The slow pour or the fast Dump?

Fast dump or slow pour?

13. Inspiration - That's what we call stinkin' thinkin'.

Ideas can happen in the most unlikely places

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There’s a reason we’ve seen so many signs like these: We have a lot of plumbing experience! Even if your bathroom isn’t funny (broken toilets aren’t funny – they’re sad), we’d be happy to help you with plumbing consultations and repair services. And while we love having a little fun (Happy April Fool’s Day!), we take our work very seriously. Schedule an appointment with your local Mr. Rooter today. We’re available 24/7.

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