What is Sewer Jetting?

sewer jetting.

If you’ve ever dealt with a blockage in your sewer line, then you know that it’s not much fun. You also know that most fixes for sewer lines aren’t easy either. Most methods for clearing obstructions in buried sewer pipes involve digging up the pipe and manually going in to remove the clog.

Thankfully, technological progress has brought about a new way to clear these clogs — sewer jetting. This process, also known as hydro jetting, clears out drain lines with high-pressure water jets, loosening and blasting away stuck-on material that clogs pipes.

If you own a home or a business that could be impacted by a sewer line issue, understanding sewer jetting is worth your time. Knowing about this service could save you from costly sewer line removal and repairs that destroy your landscaping.

Keep reading to learn more about how sewer jetting works and when it’s an appropriate solution.

What is Sewer Jetting?

Sewer jetting is a modern method of clearing sewer lines that is less destructive than traditional methods. It uses high-pressure nozzles to create powerful streams of water inside the line, blasting away debris and stuck-on sewage without damaging the interior of the sewer line.

To create these high-pressure streams, an engine is used to power a water pump. This pump generates pressure in a containment tank. This pressurized water is then shot out of the nozzle at a high speed. The process is largely similar to how a pressure washer works but with greater intensity.

When used to clear a sewer line, hydro jets use a nozzle with a forward jet. These nozzles are designed to maintain propulsion when it hits the clog. This effectively allows the jet to burrow through the blockage and loosen or remove it entirely.

When is Sewer Jetting Useful?

Sewer jetting is ideal for situations where a major sewer line is severely clogged. Sewer jetting techniques have the power needed to eliminate blockages with ease and don’t require you to dig up your whole yard just to get working pipes again.

Keep in mind that sewer jetting is only good for removing blockages. If the pipe itself is the problem, then sewer jetting will not fix it.

The same is true for instances of root invasion. Root invasion damages the pipe itself, so clearing out the roots using sewer jetting, which may not even be possible, won’t solve the problem.

How Often Should I Use Sewer Jetting?

Because sewer jetting services use water to clear out blockages, it’s safe to perform regularly. In general, it’s helpful to schedule a sewer jetting once every 12 to 18 months. No matter how good you are at keeping clog-forming materials out of your drain, some things will make it onto your pipes. Regular sewer jetting can eliminate clogs before they become full on blockages.

We also recommend that you jet the sewers when you move into a new home, as you never know what condition the sewer line was left in by the previous owner.

When a plumber comes to perform sewer jetting at your home, make sure to ask them about the health of your pipes too. Hydro jetting sewer lines is safe, but older pipes are prone to damage and could be negatively affected by the high pressure of the stream. In a situation like this, the plumber can offer a second opinion on whether or not you should sewer jet or even replace your pipes.

Can I Do Sewer Jetting on My Own?

Sadly, as much fun as it is to use a pressure washer on your own, hydro jetting sewer lines is best left to the pros. Professional sewer jetting equipment is much more powerful than your garden variety pressure washer, which means it’s more dangerous to handle.

Even if you could get your hands on one, you still have to access the line and the blockage. Without doing this properly, you can actually damage your pipes and make your life a whole lot harder than it would be with just a clog. For these reasons, you should always leave hydro jetting to the professionals.

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