Having a slow-moving or fully clogged drain can be a real hassle; knowing who you can trust to help with the situation is even more stressful! At Mr. Rooter® of Allendale our team of expert plumbers are dedicated to providing the highest-quality residential and commercial drain cleaning service and customer satisfaction. Whether you have a drain that is just starting to show signs of being sluggish, or you have a drain that is clogged and causing you a mess, Mr. Rooter has the tools and the experience to help!

If you are experiencing any problems within your drainage system such as slow draining or what seem to be small leaks in Allendale or surrounding New Jersey communities contact us today.

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When you contact our office you will be greeted by a dedicated member of our staff who will work to fully understand your specific circumstances and offer information and guidance. A highly-trained member of our plumbing team will be dispatched and will arrive on time with the equipment and the experience to assess your drain cleaning needs and carry-out the repair. Some examples of the types of drains we can help with are:

  • Main sewer lines: This the “hub” of all of your drains, therefore, a clog in your main sewer line will cause major problems. Having a professional plumber like Mr. Rooter assess and repair the problem is integral to ensuring the problem is thoroughly addressed.
  • Flood drains: These types of drains are usually reserved for spaces like garages, laundry rooms, and basements. Typically, a clog is caused by some sort of debris and, because these drains are meant to prevent flooding, it’s important to have them regularly maintained.
  • Shower & Tub drains: In the one place where you are supposed to get clean, it’s very disconcerting to have the water begin to back up in your shower or bathtub. An accumulation of shampoo, hair, and soap is usually the cause for a shower and/or bath drain clog. Mr. Rooter has the proper equipment to clear these drains and get your shower and bath times back to normal in a fast and efficient manner!

Drain systems are an intricate connections of various parts and pieces. If one part isn’t working properly, the entire system can break down. While a slow-moving drain may seem like a minor inconvenience, it is important to have these issues addressed by a plumber before they escalate into an expensive disaster!

We will come out to your home or business free of charge and see what the problem is, give you an up-front price to fix the problems and get your systems running at its peak once again. Call us today.

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