Commercial Tub Enclosure Installation Service

Tub enclosures are not only beneficial for helping to avoid pools of water outside the tub but also for preventing water damage. Tub enclosures can additionally improve the aesthetics of your building’s bathrooms.

To keep your commercial building intact and your property’s occupants safe from slip-and-fall injuries, call on the experts at Mr. Rooter® Plumbing. We offer efficient tub enclosure installation services to help ensure that your building is a safe and pleasing place to be.

Enjoy Quality Tub Enclosure Installation Services from a Qualified Plumbing Company

When you call the service professionals at Mr. Rooter®, you are calling on licensed and insured experts with years of experience.

Our commercial tub enclosure installation service includes:

  • An in-depth consultation: We visit your commercial building to advise you on the best tub enclosure type for your specific business. We take style preferences and functionality into account when providing recommendations. We then give you an upfront, flat-rate price for your tub enclosure installation.
  • Quality installation services: Our professionals will work diligently to ensure your enclosure is installed properly. We recognize that your commercial building is a valuable asset that deserves high-quality service. That’s why our workmanship and parts come with a guarantee — we’ll get the job done right the first time.
  • Repairs: If you currently own a tub enclosure that isn’t functioning as it should, we’ll come repair it promptly so that it works like new.
  • Replacements: Need an upgrade from your current tub enclosure? We also offer tub enclosure replacement services to suit your commercial building’s needs.

Tub Enclosure Installation FAQs

What materials are commonly used for commercial tub enclosures?

The material that you choose for your commercial tub enclosure depends on the purpose for the enclosure, style preferences, the type of business you own, and your budget. In general, enclosures are commonly made from the following materials:

  • Tempered glass
  • Acrylic
  • Fiberglass
  • Stainless steel

Curious about which type would work best for your business? Contact us today for a free consultation.

Can you install tub enclosures in any type of commercial building?

Yes. We offer tub enclosure installation services for a number of commercial building types including hospitals, spas, research centers, gyms, and more. Our experts are able to offer advice on which enclosure would best fit your business’s needs — no matter the nature of your business.

Why would it be beneficial for me to install a tub enclosure?

When you install a tub enclosure in the bathrooms of your commercial building, you are taking steps to:

  • Prevent bacteria and mold from forming
  • Provide a safe, dry environment for employees and guests
  • Decrease the amount of cleaning that the area around your tub needs
  • Conserve water and potentially decrease your utility costs
  • Offer more privacy in public settings
  • Improve the overall aesthetic of the space around your tub

Call Mr. Rooter for Commercial Tub Installation Services

The benefits of having a tub enclosure installed in your commercial building are many. To help make your business safer and cleaner for patrons and employees alike, call the service professionals at Mr. Rooter Plumbing for quality tub enclosure installation.

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