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No matter how severe the problem, a sewer line issue can quickly become a major headache. If you're experiencing sewer line problems, it can affect the entire plumbing system of your home. That's why it's important to reach out to our top-rated plumbers at Mr Rooter Plumbing of Frisco at the earliest sign of trouble.

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Sewer line issues are usually an emergency. That's why our team is available 24/7, 365 days a year to help you. And we never charge overtime fees. With our expertise and commitment to providing exceptional service, you can trust us to get your sewer line issue fixed promptly and efficiently.

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Signs That You Need Sewer Line Repair and Replacement

There are several signs that may indicate that you need sewer line repair or replacement.

Some of these signs include:

  • Multiple Slow Drains. If multiple drains are draining slowly, it may be a sign of a clog or obstruction in your sewer line.
  • Foul Odors. Foul odors emanating from your drains or sewer system may indicate that there is a problem with your sewer line. These odors are often caused by sewage backups or leaks.
  • Sewage Backup. If sewage is backing up into your home through your drains or toilets, it is a clear sign that you have a sewer line problem. This can be a serious health hazard and should be addressed immediately.
  • Mold or Mildew Growth. Mold or mildew growth in your home can be a sign of a water leak, which may be caused by a damaged sewer line.
  • Lush Green Patches in Your Yard. If you notice lush green patches in your yard, it may be a sign of a sewer line leak. Sewage acts as a fertilizer, so it can cause plants to grow more quickly and vibrantly.
  • Foundation Cracks. If your home's foundation has cracks, it may be a sign of a damaged sewer line. When the ground around your home shifts due to a damaged sewer line, it can cause your foundation to crack.

If you notice any of these signs, it is important to contact a licensed plumber in Frisco. We're trained and equipped to diagnose and repair the issue before it worsens.

No matter the time of day or night, call us today for a sewer line inspection. You can also request your service online.

What to Expect With Your Sewer Line Service

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Wondering what to expect after scheduling your appointment? For starters, we'll arrive on time, in our branded service van, and in our professional uniform.

From there, we'll start inspecting and diagnosing the issue.

Sewer Line Inspection

The first step in investigating a sewer line issue is to perform a visual inspection using a specialized camera to assess the condition of your sewer line. The camera is inserted into the sewer line and us to see the inside of the pipe and identify any damage, clogs, or other issues.

Review Repair or Replacement Options

Based on the inspection results, the plumber will diagnose the issue and determine the best course of action. This may involve repairing or replacing the sewer line.

Clean or Repair Your Sewer Line

If the issue is minor, such as a clog or small crack, we may be able to repair the sewer line without having to replace it. Depending on the issue, we may use techniques such as HydroScrub jetting, snaking, or patching to fix the issue.

Replace Your Sewer Line

If the sewer line is extensively damaged or has reached the end of its lifespan, it may be time for a replacement. This involves excavating the old sewer line and installing a new one.

Test Your Sewer Line

Once the repair or replacement is complete, we will test the new sewer line to ensure that it is functioning properly. This may involve running water through the sewer line and performing a final camera inspection.

Overall, sewer line repair requires specialized equipment, expertise, and experience. At Mr Rooter Plumbing of Frisco, our plumbers are licensed and highly-trained to handle your sewer line service. We'll ensure the issue is properly diagnosed and repaired to help prevent future problems.

You're welcome to check out our reviews to see why our customers love our services. Contact us today if you need to book your service.

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We're locally owned and operated here in Frisco. We understand the unique plumbing needs of our community, especially when it comes to sewer lines and replacements.

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