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With Mr. Rooter Plumbing, you’ll never second-guess your commercial plumbing services in Katy again. Our team of trained and competent professional technicians knows how to keep your plumbing in optimal working condition year-round. From maintenance plans, thorough inspections, expert repairs, and timely replacements and installations, we have everything your plumbing infrastructure needs to work its best for your company. Whether you have a major plumbing catastrophe or just want to know the state of your pipes, come to Mr. Rooter.

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The Best Tools and Techniques in the Industry

With almost 50 years of industry experience, Mr. Rooter knows good commercial plumbing. We’ve adapted our practices over the years to implement emerging technologies and the best techniques to get the most out of each customer’s plumbing system. For example, we’ve upgraded to video pipeline inspections to perform accurate system inspections and diagnoses without having to break ground.

Using our cutting-edge camera equipment, we can look inside your pipes and find cracks, hidden leaks, clogs, and much more in a flash. Our technicians receive real-time video footage of your pipes, saving the video so you can see the issue in your commercial plumbing system yourself. Then, we can perform the exact repairs your system needs, without any guesswork or costly delays. Your business will benefit from the advanced techniques we use.

Mr. Rooter has also replaced rooting with the most effective pipe cleaning tool – HydroScrub® jetting. HydroScrub® uses high-pressure water jets to remove debris and stubborn buildup from the insides of your pipes. This tool completely cleans your pipes, restoring them to good-as-new condition. Thanks to our special tools and technologies, your commercial building can enjoy optimal plumbing performance – at affordable rates and with minimal interruption to workflow.

Expert Plumbing Repairs and Replacements

When you call Mr. Rooter for commercial plumbing in Katy, we’ll come to your location according to your schedule. After you request repairs, our team will perform a top-to-bottom inspection of your entire plumbing system. We’ll analyze your system’s performance and efficiency, and check for existing or potential problems. Our inspections are a complimentary service when you request a plumbing system problem diagnosis.

Thanks to our accurate diagnosis techniques, you’ll know exactly what’s wrong with your system in a short amount of time. Our technicians will walk you through our discoveries and recommendations for repairs or replacements. Once you agree to our solutions, we can complete most repairs same-day. We keep our trucks fully stocked with parts from top plumbing brands so we don’t have to leave your location. Mr. Rooter’s commercial plumbing prices run at flat rates, with zero overtime costs, and up-front pricing.

In many cases, it’s wiser and more cost-efficient to simply replace a broken-down plumbing component. If you experience frequent clogs, leaks, and other issues, you’ll likely save money by replacing the part completely instead of paying for multiple repairs. If we believe replacement is the best move for your company, we will complete the service as soon as possible to avoid company downtime. We’ll accomplish what you need with little to no business interruptions.

Get the Plumbing Upgrades Your Business Needs

On the market for new plumbing equipment? Mr. Rooter is happy to complete beautiful new installations in your restaurant, bar, hotel, office, or multi-resident property. We can install new water heaters, plumbing fixtures, toilets, sinks, garbage disposals, grease traps, floor drains, and much more – on schedule and according to your budget. New installations can keep your company up to code and compliant with safety and health regulations. It can also improve your brand’s reputation and customer satisfaction rates.

To schedule any type of commercial plumbing services, call our Katy team today. As America’s favorite plumbers, we know we’ll exceed your expectations.

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