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Is your water heater failing? Looking for licensed plumbers to help you out? Look no further than Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Long Beach! We’re here to provide you with the best customer service and repair services in town. Our skilled technicians have experience working on all kinds of water heaters, from standard models to tankless systems.

We guarantee high-quality results at an unmatched price point—all backed by our satisfaction guarantee. Plus, we offer free estimates so you can get an accurate picture of what it will cost before committing to any repairs or replacement services.

Contact us and let one of our experienced plumbing professionals help resolve your water heater issues quickly and efficiently! Request an estimate today!

Signs Your Water Heater Needs Repairing or Replacing

Recognizing when your water heater requires replacement can prevent unexpected breakdowns and ensure a consistent hot water supply. Here are the key signs indicating it might be time for a replacement:

  1. Age: Traditional water heaters typically last 8 to 12 years. Consider replacement if yours is nearing or surpassing this age range.
  2. Rusty or Discolored Water: Rusty or brownish water indicates internal tank corrosion, signaling the need for replacement.
  3. Leaks and Moisture: Puddles or moisture around the water heater suggest leaks or tank cracks, requiring prompt replacement to prevent water damage.
  4. Inadequate Hot Water: Decreased hot water production or lower temperatures may indicate internal issues, necessitating a new water heater.
  5. Strange Noises: Rumbling, banging, or popping sounds could be due to sediment buildup, indicating potential tank damage and the need for replacement.
  6. Increased Energy Bills: A sudden rise in energy bills without increased usage signals decreased efficiency, prompting consideration for a more energy-efficient replacement.
  7. Frequent Repairs: If you're frequently repairing your water heater, replacing it may be more cost-effective in the long term.

Pay close attention to these signs. Get in touch with us for professional assessment and tailored replacement services to restore comfort and convenience to your home.

Common Water Heater Issues We Have Experience Resolving

Discover how our team of Long Beach water heater experts can quickly and effectively resolve any issues your water heater may be experiencing. From strange noises to leaks and inadequate heating, we have the solutions you need to get your unit back up and running smoothly. Don't overlook the importance of a professional inspection, especially if your water heater is 10 years or older. Trust us to keep your system working efficiently.

Experience Trustworthy Water Heater Repair and Replacement Services in Long Beach

Is your water heater acting up or on the verge of breaking down? Don't worry, we understand the stress and inconvenience that comes with it. That's why we're here to offer you expert and courteous water heater service.

Why choose us for your water heater needs? Here are a few compelling reasons:

  1. Transparent Pricing and Options: We believe in giving you control and peace of mind when it comes to your water heater. We'll provide you with different options and explain them in a clear and easy-to-understand manner. You have the final say on how to proceed.
  2. Warranty Guarantee: Rest assured, we stand behind our work. Our Neighborly Done Right Promise® ensures that we warranty all our water heater repairs and replacements. Your satisfaction is our top priority.
  3. Trusted Experience: We are proud to be locally owned and operated in Long Beach, while also being backed by the renowned Mr. Rooter Plumbing network. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, you can trust our expertise and dedication.

If you're in need of reliable and prompt water heater repair, look no further. Count on us to deliver exceptional service. Request your service online today.

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