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Drain Cleaning in Olympia

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Signs of a Clogged Drain in Olympia, WAYour home has an intricate system of pipes and drains that all work together to bring clean water to your home and waste water away from it. Your drains are responsible for the removal of all waste water and if they aren’t working well, you could have a dirty mess of backed up water all over your home. When you have a drain problem in your home, it is important to find a plumber who specializes in drain cleaning to get the job done correctly. Fortunately, the drain cleaning specialists at Mr. Rooter have the knowledge and experience to help you in this situation.

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Signs of a Clogged Drain

All the drains in your home tend to clog from everyday use so it is difficult to avoid the problem. It’s quite common that by the time a clog becomes noticeable, it’s already deep within the drain.

Store-bought drain cleaners are fairly effective at maintaining a clog that’s still relatively close to the surface, although they are very harsh on plumbing and can cause more damage down the line. Replacing a drain is going to be harder on your budget than having a professional assess the clog and expertly solve the problem. When in doubt, it’s always safest to call on certified experts.

Common Plumbing and Drain Cleaning Areas

Bathroom Drains

The drains in your bathroom are frequently clogged by everything that naturally goes down the sink, such as toothpaste, soap, dirt, and hair. Running water as you brush your teeth can help move the toothpaste down to not settle in the drain, and you can pull drain covers up to manually remove debris that got caught. However, since it is almost impossible to get around putting soap down the bathroom sink, a clog or slow running drain is almost inevitable over time.

Kitchen Drains

In your kitchen, the same problem occurs as in the bathroom. Food, soap, oil, and grease are the most common items that clog your kitchen drain. At Mr. Rooter, we recommend disposing of oil and grease in the garbage instead of the kitchen drain, particularly if the drains in your home are older and more apt to clog. Bits of food can also become stuck and end up clogging your drain, so be careful of how much food you attempt to wash down the drain.

You may think that if you have a garbage disposal, all food can go down the drain, but this is not the case. Large pieces of food get stuck in the drain and cause unwanted odors and clogs quite frequently. If you notice problems with your garbage disposal, always call in a professional to avoid potentially harming yourself or causing further damage.

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Floor Drains

Another common type of drain that can clog is a floor drain. These are usually found in the garage and laundry rooms and on your patio or balcony. These drains are installed to quickly get rid of any water that accumulates there either due to heavy rain or a broken pipe or overflowing fixture or appliance, such as your washing machine. When floor drains are unable to do their job due to a clog of leaves, dirt, or other types of various debris, damage can occur to your floors and furniture.

When to Consult a Drain Cleaning Specialist

The best time to call a Mr. Rooter plumber is before there is a problem, for a routine and preventative drain cleaning. The next best time to call is as soon as you notice a problem. Before a complete clog happens, you will usually notice that one or more of your drains is starting to drain slower than they used to, which is the first sign of a clog happening.

As soon as one of your drains has a clogging issue, it is just a matter of time before other drains will show signs since all of the drains are attempting to drain into the same sewer line. Having your drains cleaned as soon as you notice an issue is your best bet for avoiding huge problems like your sinks, showers, and toilets backing up into your home.

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