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Sewer Line Repair in Olympia

Expert Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

With all that Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Olympia does for you, it’s hard to believe that they are also the experts to install, repair and maintain your sewer line! Mr. Rooter does more than just service your sewer line; we offer the latest in repair technology that alleviates damage done to your beautiful landscaping during the repair.

Not all plumbers have the tools and training to properly accomplish trenchless sewer line repair, but you are lucky that Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Olympia does. Just like with all aspects of plumbing that we do, Mr. Rooter strives to and accomplishes being the best in sewer line repair for all the residents of Olympia. We have the equipment necessary to first determine why your sewer line is leaking or broken, which is a key part to knowing how to adequately make the repair.

Your sewer line can be cracked from the settling soil above it or from the roots of trees that have grown into and through it. This happens often because when trees are planted and houses are built, it is difficult to guess where the roots of trees will go. Cracks and breaks of your sewer line are even more common when your home is older, because the sewer line has most likely been in place for many years. Also, the materials that we use today to build sewer lines are far sturdier than they were in past years, causing older sewer lines to be more susceptible to breakage.

There are two different types of trenchless sewer line repair that Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Olympia specializes in and your Mr. Rooter plumber will decide which method is best after doing a thorough examination of your specific sewer line problem. Both methods utilize special equipment such as a video inspection camera to determine the exact problem and where it is located. This allows us to not only decide how to fix it, but also where to start to make the repairs. Traditional sewer line repair required plumbers to use a large backhoe to dig up the ground surrounding and over the sewer line before making all necessary repairs. Once the work was complete, the dirt was replaced, leaving behind a yard that was in desperate need of a landscaper. Trenchless technology alleviates the mess caused to your yard, making it the more preferred method of sewer line repair.

Pipe Relining & Replacement in Olympia

The two methods of sewer line repair are pipe relining and pipe replacement. When pipe relining is chose as the repair method, it is usually because there is a small area that needs mended. First, a pliable material is inserted into the sewer line, aimed precisely for the damaged area. Then, an inflatable tube is inserted and held in place while the material dries. Once dried, the tube is deflated and removed and what is left behind is a new sewer line surface that is free of cracks and breaks and ready to be used. If Mr. Rooter determines that the damage is more substantial or covers a larger area of the sewer line, pipe replacement might be used. With this method, a new pipe is actually inserted into the location that your sewer line already is installed, using your existing sewer line to guide it. The new sewer line breaks up the old sewer line as it passes through it and there is no need to dig up the broken pieces. All that is left to do is connect the new sewer line to where the old one was and your sewer line is ready to be used. This method is also done when you need a larger sewer line, or when the existing one is extremely old and weak and no longer working properly.

Obviously, trenchless sewer line repair has many advantages over the traditional method, with the most significant advantage being that your yard is not damaged in the process of the repair. Trenchless sewer line repair also makes sewer line repair possible in areas that it would be impossible or dangerous to operate a backhoe.

While trenchless sewer line repair is the latest in sewer line repair, not all plumbers have taken the time and investment to educate themselves and gain access to the equipment necessary to perform the job. However, Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Olympia is always determined to be the best plumber in the area and we have proven this with our skills of trenchless sewer line repair. Always working to be better, that’s us! “There’s a reason they call us Mr!”