Septic Drain Field Installation

More than one-fifth of American homes rely on septic systems to dispose of their black and gray water. With a septic tank, the responsibility for maintaining and repairing the waste system falls to the homeowner.

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How Does a Drain Field Work?

A drain field is a system of perforated pipes connected to a septic tank. Wastewater first flows through the chambers of the septic tank, where it separates into solids and liquids. The liquid, or effluent, then flows into the drain field (also called a leach field). The tiny holes in the drain field pipes allow effluent to slowly seep into the soil below, where it’s naturally filtered before re-entering the groundwater.

Septic Tank Drain Field Layout

Each home’s drain field layout is unique. Designs are based on many factors, including septic system size and topography of the area. Pipes are typically arranged in a grid pattern that spaces pipes 8 to 10 feet apart. If the property is sloped, the drain field should be installed lower than the septic tank.

How to Install a Septic Drain Field

To install your new septic drain field, your plumber will begin by digging an array of trenches. The trenches will be deep enough that a layer of gravel can be laid before the pipes go down. Then another layer of gravel goes on top of the pipes, followed by a barrier fabric to prevent soil from packing down into the gravel and pipes. There should be room for at least six inches of soil to go over the top.

Drain Field Construction Near Me

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a leach field?

Leach field is another term for drain field. You may also see it referred to as an absorption field or nitrification field. Whatever you call it, a leach field is an array of perforated pipes that allow effluent to slowly seep into the soil, where it can be filtered naturally.

Can you repair a septic drain field?

Some drain field issues, such as clogged or cracked pipes, can be repaired. But if the soil around the leach field is always soggy or smelly, the problem may require a system replacement. Consult with your trusted plumber to determine the best course of action.

How deep is a drain field?

Septic drain field pipes must be buried at least six inches below the soil surface.

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