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Our Trenchless Residential Sewer Line Repair & Replacements

You should always call a professional for sewer line repair when you notice signs of a problem. Sewer line repair and sewer line replacement isn't a weekend project you can easily take care of on your own. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Van Nuys, we use innovative trenchless residential sewer line repair in the Central San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles, CA. We won't have to dig holes or trenches in your yard or demolish structures to get to your sewer line. Instead, our minimally invasive residential sewer line repair and replacement technique is fast, easy, and less expensive than other methods. If you're unsure if you need sewer line repair or replacement, call our 24/7 live answering service or schedule an appointment through our website, and we'll send a service professional to your home for an inspection.

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Signs You Need Residential Sewer Line Repair

If you've never had a sewer line problem, you might not be familiar with the early warning signs. Knowing how to recognize the problem early enough means we can fix it before it becomes bigger and more expensive. If you notice any of these problems inside or outside your home, call us today, and we'll do a sewer line inspection to see if you need sewer line repair or sewer line replacement:

  • You keep finding soggy spots in your yard and don’t know why.
  • Your yard has green grass growing in places it’s never been before.
  • Your yard has dirty pools of water with algae growing in them.
  • You keep smelling a sewage odor, sulfur smell, or rotten food odor.
  • More than one of your drains is clogged.
  • Your toilet is clogged or keeps backing up and overflowing.
  • Your water bill has suddenly increased without explanation.
  • Your drains are all slow, or you find pools of water around your drains (especially your basement or garage floor drain).
  • Your pipes or drains make strange noises, particularly when you run a shower, use the washing machine, or turn on the dishwasher.
  • Pests and rodents appear in your yard or house.
  • The water level in your toilet goes up and down.
  • Dirty water or sewage is backing up into your toilet, shower, or bathtub.

Causes of Sewer Line Problems

Knowing the most common causes of sewer line problems can help prevent a sewer line break, clog, or sewer system backup. Read through this list, and then ask us about our Advantage Plan:

  • Blocked or clogged pipes due to hair, toilet paper, trash, dirt, rocks, debris, or tree root intrusion.
  • Damaged pipes due to old age, frequent freezing, and thawing, earthquakes, sinkholes, land shifts, heavy traffic, or construction.
  • Heavy storms and rainfall.
  • Problems with the city’s sewer system.
  • Lack of maintenance, like sewer line inspections and drain cleaning services.
  • Flushing products are other than toilet paper and waste down the toilet.
  • Rinsing oil, fat, grease, paint, and other non-soluble liquids down the drain.

Our Advantage Plan is a maintenance plan that makes it easier for customers to schedule routine plumbing maintenance, like sewer line inspections, drain cleaning services, and more. This maintenance can significantly reduce your risk of needing residential sewer line repair or replacement.

Trenchless Sewer Line Repair Solutions

We aim to save customers time and money by offering trenchless sewer line repair solutions. These repair methods don't require digging holes in your lawn or causing damage to your property. They are faster than other methods and often much less expensive. In some cases, we can get your sewer line repairs completed in just a day. First, we will do a plumbing video inspection of your sewer line. This helps us find the location and cause of your sewer line problems without having to physically look at the pipes. Next, we'll walk you through our residential sewer line repair options, so you fully understand what to expect:

  • Pipe Relining - After clearing out your sewer line using hydro jetting, we can repair cracks, breaks, and leaks using our pipe relining process. We insert a sleeve into the pipe, and as it expands and hardens, it creates a barrier against further damage.
  • Pipe Replacement - If we can't use pipe relining, we can use our hydraulic burst pipe replacement method. We'll use hydraulics to break apart the old sewer line so we can insert a new pipe.

Sewer Line Replacement Methods

If your sewer line can't be repaired, we'll walk you through your residential sewer line replacement options. We'll only recommend sewer line replacement if it's necessary. Our new sewer lines can last up to 100 years with proper maintenance and are resistant to chemicals, corrosion, and breakage. Our sewer line replacement methods are also trenchless and can be completed quickly for minimal disruption to your life. We can use your broken sewer pipe as a guide to thread in a new sewer pipe.

Call for Sewer Line Repair in the Central San Fernando Valley

If you need sewer line replacement or sewer line repair in the Central San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles, CA, call us today at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Van Nuys. We'll send an experienced service professional to your home for a sewer line inspection. We're always upfront about our sewer line repair costs and never charge overtime fees. Call our 24/7 live answering service today, or request a job estimate online for sewer line repairs.

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