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Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Detroit Sewer Camera Inspection

If you’ve lived in Detroit long enough, chances are that you are aware of our city-wide plumbing problem. The issue with our pipes is that they are just too old. Depending on the material they are made of, sewer pipes can last anywhere from 50 to 100 years. Of course, that sounds more than reasonable. You can see where we’re going. Our city has a big sewer system problem and it’s getting impossible to ignore.

For business owners, betting on a 100+ year old sewer system not to burst is a bad idea. Like any waterbreak, a sewer problem will force you to close doors for days. While the city is taking measures to renew the plumbing system, they are not responsible for your own property’s sewer pipes. They only take care of the main city ones.

That is why we recommend that the first step you take for a pipe renewal strategy is a sewer inspection. We have helped dozens of businesses, big and small, prevent sewer issues, and repair existing problems. Saving thousands of dollars in repairs is easy when you detect the problem on time.

What Does a Sewer Inspection Accomplish?

The goal of a camera pipe inspection is to evaluate and diagnose the health of your sewer pipes. Our experience has shown us that most Detroit sewer systems are in really bad shape. They’re either corroded inside out, they’re fractured, or they even have root intrusions that have gone unchecked. Some people that have lived here for a while may even think that the sewer flow is just that slow. They haven’t seen it work as it should, because their pipes have been clogged since they can remember.

That is why a camera inspection is so necessary here. While we can assume that most pipes in Detroit need replacing, we shouldn’t simply go for it. What if the pipes have already been replaced and you didn’t know it? Or if what looked like a clog was really a pipe collapsing?

The only way to know for sure is with a sewer inspection. Any plan without an inspection is based on nothing more than an educated guess. And when it comes to your business, you shouldn’t take any chances.

Sewer Inspection Service for Businesses

At Mr Rooter Detroit we are experts at solving sewer and plumbing problems for business and homeowners. Sewer inspections are only one of the many services we offer. In case we find that you need repairing, we can perform a trenchless sewer pipe restoration, which renews your sewer system without having to dig anything. This is perfect for business because the downtime is hours, not days.

Call us to get a free quote. We can even schedule a visit to your property so we can better assess your situation.