Water Heater Troubleshooting Guide | How to Check Water Heater Reset Button

water heater troubleshooting

The water heater reset button is a safety device designed to cut the power to the heating elements when it detects excess resistance. For many homeowners, a cold shower is the first signal that their reset button has tripped (cutting the power to their water heater’s heating elements).

It’s important to know how to find and check the reset button on your water heater. In case your water doesn’t get warm, you’ll need to know where to find the button and what to do if pressing the reset button doesn’t immediately solve your problem.

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Where Is the Water Heater Reset Button Located?

The reset button is typically located near the water heater thermostat. You will need to use a screwdriver to remove a cover plate to access the thermostat and reset the button. There may be insulation packed around the thermostat. Some models have a plastic cover over the wires surrounding the reset button and temperature dial. Note that modern electric water heaters have two heating elements and two thermostats, but usually only one reset button.

If you cannot easily find your water heater thermostat reset button, consult the owner’s manual for guidance. Look for a labeled diagram of the water heater near the front of the manual.

How to Check the Reset Button

If your electric water heater reset button is lit up or has tripped, you will need to reset the thermostat. The reset button will be right next to one of the thermostats (usually the top one), and it is normally red. Simply push the button (without touching any nearby wires) to reset the thermostat. This will restore power to the thermostats, and your water should be hot again within an hour.

Reset Button Still Tripping?

If you push the reset button and it trips again, the thermostat might have gone bad. Or, there could be a persistent issue with the power supply to the water heater. Contact your local Mr. Rooter for help.

Get Expert Help with Thermostat Issues

If you’ve checked and pressed your water heater reset button but the problem persists, it’s time to call in plumbing professionals. Mr. Rooter’s professional water heater repair service will ensure your water heater is operating in perfect condition. We diagnose and resolve all water heater problems, including faulty thermostats. Contact us online for an estimate or call your local Mr. Rooter now.