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  • Dishwasher Plumbing Problems

    In this kitchen dishwasher plumbing tip series we take a look at the most common dishwasher plumbing problems, possible causes, and share some insight on diagnosing dishwasher’s that either leak or stop draining.

  • Putting On A Hot Water Tank Insulation Blanket

    A water heater loses most of its heat at the floor which acts like a heat sink. To break this contact, elevate a new heater with a couple bricks, an oak pallet or concrete blocks. According to your most referred Grants Pass plumber, a water heater will start to lose heat the second the heat turns off.

  • Kitchen Sink Plumbing Problems

    Probably the most commonly aggravating of all kitchen sink problems is a stinky, slow moving drain.  If you employ a common sense, no nonsense approach to prevention, it is possible to keep your sink smelling fresh and the drain pipes moving.   In this kitchen sink plumbing section we have compiled some insightful tips to help keep the plumbing healthy and help you avoid costly repairs.