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When it comes to creating time for plumbing maintenance, people only think about their pipes and drains. What they do not know is that septic tank maintenance is equally important. The septic tank comprises unit-managed waste in businesses and homes which are not joined to the main sewer lines of the city. When left untreated, chances are your septic tank will overflow and cause serious havoc to your senses and properties. Contact us today for your quality septic tank repair in Knoxville. We have a team of experts at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Knoxville. Likewise, we provide cost-effective solutions for your septic tank.

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Common Septic Tank Issues

In a typical septic system, there is a chamber wherein wastewater enters through. Right in the reservoir, the solid sludge settles at the bottom, and the scum floats to the top. Water passes through the chamber with the scum in it to another chamber where solid waste further ends at the bottom. And finally, the excess water moves out to the drain field. The waste is decomposed anaerobically throughout the process. A functioning septic tank will function efficiently, and on the flip side, a septic tank that is not properly maintained will not perform well. As such, the septic tank should be pumped every three years to prevent it from getting full and overflowing.

Common issues associated with septic tank includes:

  • Detached dividing wall: This occurs when the septic tank splits into two separate compartments. There is a high tendency for one chamber to trap the sludge thereby resulting in a system failure.
  • Overflowing tank: An overflowing septic tank shows that the drain field is unable to remove water and there are issues with the drain field.
  • Wall corrosion: This occurs when hydrogen sulfide gas is trapped in one or all the compartment tanks.
  • Root: Since the septic tank produces wastewater, it's common for plants to grow. The roots of large plants in the tank can cause extensive damage.

Does Your Septic Tank Need Repair?

Identifying how your septic tank functions can be difficult because you can't see it unless you make use of it like you use a drain, sink or faucet. However, there are some visible signs you can look out for which indicates that your septic tank is not functioning well.

Common warning signs to look for include:

  • Accumulating water: When water starts to accumulate on your field or lawn without a reasonable explanation, your septic tank is too full. So engage the services of a professional to pump your tank.
  • Bad odors: A full septic tank will make the sludge rise thereby emitting bad odors around your house.
  • The health of your lawn: All waste water or waste products are not made the same way. Unlike fertilizer, toxic waste will kill off your grass. Be on the lookout for yellow patches or inexplicable brown in your lawn.
  • Slow-draining toilet: A full septic tank can interfere with your toilet and how it functions. Observe how your toilet drains after you flush.
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