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Water softeners are very important to your home. Unfiltered hard water could leave spots on dishes, lead to clogged pipe, leave mineral deposits on your shower fixtures and bathtub and make the color of your clothes look dull. Ignoring a broken water softener could cost you more when repairing than replacing it with a new one.

Since 1970, we have provided a reliable repair and replacement service for homeowners in North America. Now Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Knoxville provides a solution for all water softener issues with our licensed and reliable products, installed by our professionals. If you’re dealing with a water softener problem, don’t hesitate to call us.

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It is important to know how hard your local water is, what your home needs in filtering hard water, and the right unit of grain capacity, while choosing a new unit. The grain capacity is used in measuring the rate of water softener, and it is also used in measuring how much water the unit can measure before it is regenerated. The higher the rating, the lesser regeneration needed.

We provide an advanced diagnostic testing to know all these information for our customers when they call us. Through this diagnostic testing, we can recommend the best water softeners for your home, and provide you with a full quote for the unit and our installation services. You will not only be given the information you need on replacing the water softener, but our highly trained professionals will install it for you.

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