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Well or sump pumps play a vital role in the prevention of severe water destruction to a building by flooding. Sump pumps are constructed in the basement of a building structure and conventionally exist or appear in two models, namely the Column or Pedestal Pump and the Electrical Submersible Pump. In areas that are not large, the Pedestal pump would be useful. However, only the submersible pump can cope with larger volumes of water. The mode of operation is that when a flood fills the hollow or basin with water to a significant level, a float switch is activated which powers the pump to discharge water outside.

Despite it being one of the most difficult items in a building, many people do not know about sump pumps. This ignorance is responsible for the inadequate care it is given. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Knoxville offers you a quick and dependable overhaul of your sump pumps carried out by technically sound plumbers which in turn safeguard your property.

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Typical Issues Associated With Sump Pumps and Their Resolution

We recommend a yearly check or servicing of your sump pumps to make sure it gives you 100% efficiency. We offer services that identify technical issues and also put in place preventive measures against their recurrence.

The typical problems of sump pumps include(but are not limited to):

  • Wrong Installation
  • Choked Parts
  • Water Overfilled Basement
  • The Continuous Flow of the Pump
  • Switch Becomes Stuck or Tight

Only trained and experienced technocrats can quickly detect the unknown cause of the problem. Failure to resolve the issue will be putting your pump and property at risk.

First-class Sump Pump Services offered by Mr. Rooter include:

  • Reformations (overhaul)
  • Installments or Fixing
  • Battery Substitution and Backup etc.

Give our certified and well-trained Knoxville plumbers a chance for all resolutions of your sump pump issues. We often indicate your charges (at flat rates) beforehand for you to be acutely aware of the expenses to be incurred. With us, overtime charges do not apply because we use a per-project billing system instead of the time-based billing system offered by others.

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