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As The Woodlands preferred servicing company for all their standard and tankless water heater needs, Mr. Rooter has successfully serviced hundreds of homes and establishments.

Tankless vs Standard: If we went back in time, this wouldn't be a topic we would be discussing, but as technology continues to grow so do your plumbing options. One of the more commonly discussed new options we have with our clients in The Woodlands area is, Why go Tankless? There are a few very good reasons and including being more energy efficient, along with a longer life expectancy of 20 years on average, compared to the standard water heater in your home which will average about a 10-year life span. Tankless is considered to be a safer product as well.

Tankless water heater thermostat controller

Compare this with the old reliable conventional water heater currently in many of The Woodlands home, apartments,s and commercial buildings. There is a lot of value in keeping something that has always been a very consistent and easy-to-understand appliance. Upgrading your standard water heater to a newer style and model to fit your current needs, but maintaining what you are familiar with, is an option to consider. Other reasons being the upfront product cost is typically lower which makes it a more logical option in concerns to budget. Also generally repairs and service parts tend to be less of a cost as well.

The good part is Mr Rooter is here to help you evaluate and understand all types and models so in the end a good decision can made and a happy customer as well.

Water Heater Repair & Installation in The Woodlands?

Some signs you may need to call Mr. Rooters' local & licensed water heater service team.

  • No Hot Water – This kind of problem can be attributed to several causes such as the absence of power to the water heater’s heating elements, a faulty heating element, or a faulty thermostat.
  • Rust Colored Water – If the hot water coming from the shower or tap is discolored, it usually means that the inside of the tank is corroded. Aside from that, it may also mean that the sacrificial anode rod has decayed.
  • Odorous Water – The sediment build-up inside the tank provides a place for bacteria to grow and thrive, and it is these bacteria which cause the water to smell.
  • Rumbling or Whining Noise – The rumbling sound comes from the water boiling, which only happens if there is excessive sediment build-up in the tank’s bottom causing it to overheat. On the hand, the whining sound is due to the scale mineral buildup on the water heater’s heating element.
  • Extreme Water Temperature – There are occasions when the water coming from the shower or tap is either too hot or too cold. The problem is usually due to inappropriate thermostat setting which is either set too high or too low.
  • Water Leaks – Water can leak from different sections of the water heating system. It can happen in the valves, the bottom portion of the tank, or the pipes connected to the water heater. Some of the causes of these leaks may be attributed to strong water pressure that flows through the pipes and tank, and loose bolts or gaskets.

Water heater problems are very serious, and should not be meddled with by the uninitiated – remember that water and electricity are a dangerous mix.

The Woodlands Community Can Count on the Mr. Rooter Team!

If you are experiencing any of the water heater problems mentioned above in The Woodlands or surrounding Montgomery County areas, please call Mr. Rooter right away. We will not only give you back your hot water, but we will also make your home a much safer place to live in. Ask us about the various standard/tankless water heaters we have in stock right now. When it comes to disposal, our crew will load up and haul away your old device free of charge!

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