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Your home’s sewer line is essential to keeping you and your family healthy and safe. A non-functional sewer line can spread disease, cause unbearable odors, and is inconvenient to the overall function of a home. Malfunctions or breaks can happen for a variety of reasons, including hair, dirt, and grease buildup, cracks from intruding tree roots, and backups that cause pressure overload on parts of the line. It’s best to call a plumber the minute you realize that something is wrong to minimize damage and keep your family safe.

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Signs Your Sewer Line May Need to be Repaired or Serviced

There are usually smaller signs that your Sewer line is having issues before anything catastrophic happens. If swift action is taken at the first sign, you may be able to avoid costly sewage line replacements or dangerous consequences. The most common signs of sewage line malfunction include:

  • The toilet is making a gurgling noise
  • Sewage backs up into your toilet or bathtub
  • There is little or no water in your toilet
  • You smell sewage around your house and/or around your property

If you detect any of these, don’t panic but do call Mr. Rooter right away. Our Spring, Texas team can have your issue resolved in one visit and get you on your way back to normalcy.

My Sewer Line is Leaking, Can it be Repaired

The seriousness of your sewer line issue depends entirely on the specifics of your situation. Generally, our plumbers will scope your sewer line to see if it is a clog, crack, or break causing your issue. In the case of a clog, snaking or jetting can be used to dislodge the clog and clear the pipes. Upon inspection of the clear pipe, the plumber will be able to tell if there is any damage in the pipeline, either caused by root growth or pressure from a block.

If a minimal crack or break is the culprit, your plumber may be able to patch the area to keep roots from regrowing in the same place. If there are serious breaks and cracks, it’s likely you will have to consider a full replacement of your sewer line.

Why Call Mr. Rooter for Sewer Line Repair

With our state-of-the-art equipment and innovative sewer line replacement tactics, Mr. Rooter is a natural choice when looking for plumbing services. We guarantee quality, effective fixes on the first try, so you don’t have to deal with an issue ongoing once we’ve dealt with it. Our company was founded on principles of politeness, honesty, and community, and we strive to be a trusted business in the Spring, Texas community.

We give quotes for all of our services upfront and stick to them religiously, so you are never surprised by extra payments or higher than quoted sums. Our staff is fully trained and vetted, so when you see the Mr. Rooter van, you know you are getting high quality, trustworthy service.

Contact us today for all your sewer line repair and replacement needs.

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