Hot Water Heater Repair and Replacement in Overland Park, KS

Superior Residential Water Heater Repair and Replacement

When you need residential water heater repair and replacement services in Overland Park, KS, you can trust the service professionals at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Overland Park to deliver high-quality work at competitive prices. Once there’s a problem with your water heater at home, the issue affects everyone in your family. Washing clothes, doing the dishes, taking a shower; all these daily activities you take for granted become more difficult to accomplish. Our team is trusted to complete work safely and get your plumbing back to working as expected once again.

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Common Issues With Residential Water Heaters

There's no huge secret to water heaters. Their function is just what the name suggests, and that is to supply your home with hot water when you need it. The fuel source doesn't matter. Eventually, every electric and gas water heater needs repair or should be replaced. Here are common signs of a failing water heater:

  • An inadequate supply of hot water for showering or cleaning
  • Taking longer than usual to get hot water from the faucet
  • Pools of water at the base of the tank or leaking pipes
  • Loud noises or banging from the tank

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What’s the Life Expectancy of a Water Heater?

How long your water heater lasts depends on many factors, including the type, the fuel source, the amount of maintenance it receives, and even the quality of your home's water. The average homeowner can expect to get about 10 years out of their tank-style water heater. Tankless water heaters last longer. Preventative plumbing maintenance is often an overlooked service for tank water heaters. The simple step of having the tank drained annually helps flush out sediment build-up. When this isn't done, sediment sitting at the base wears the tank's lining faster.

Choose the Right Type of Water Heater for Your Home

You have options if it's time to replace your gas or electric hot water heater. New technology means more energy-efficient products and appliances that take up less space. Different households have different needs, and choosing a hot water heater that matches your lifestyle and family's demands is important. We can work with you to ensure you make the best choice for a new hot water heater.

  • Conventional – Tank-style water heaters store hot water in a large, upright tank. Natural gas, oil, or electricity heat the water and ensure it's the right temperature when you turn on the faucet. Tanks come in various sizes, and high-efficiency models help keep energy bills down.
  • Tankless These are increasing in popularity because they take up less space than a tank, cost less to run because they only heat water when you need it, and last longer than tank water heaters. Since they offer better efficiency, water heating bills will be lower. These benefits come with a higher price tag than a conventional installation.
  • Hybrid – Heat pumps are becoming the rage with homeowners who want to lower utility costs and conserve energy. Hybrid water heaters use electricity to heat water via a heat pump and offer the most significant energy savings of all these options.

Is It Better to Repair or Replace a Hot Water Heater?

If you’re questioning whether your gas or electric water heater should be repaired or replaced, our service professionals can help you determine that. While a repair might have a lower cost than paying for a new appliance, it's essential to consider the financial benefit over time. When deciding whether to repair or replace a water heater, we look at the unit and weigh the answers to these questions to help homeowners choose the best route.

  • How old is the water heater?
  • Does it hold enough to supply your family with ample hot water?
  • Have you paid for frequent repairs?
  • Is it heating water efficiently?
  • Will a new water heater save money on energy bills?

Professional Residential Water Heater Services

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Overland Park offers convenient appointments for hot water heater repair and replacement in Overland Park, KS. We stand behind all our workmanship and parts to provide you with the peace of mind of a well-done job. Contact us to get your service scheduled. We’re here to answer your call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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