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Richmond, VA, averages 44 inches of rain annually, which is higher than the U.S. average of 38 inches. Because Richmond tends to get more rainfall than other areas, your plumbing can be greatly affected. You may not be experiencing any of the following concerns now, but it’s always worth keeping an eye out for signs of plumbing issues resulting from heavy rainfall.

  • Broken Pipes - As Richmond experiences more rainfall on average, the ground can become saturated with water and cause the soil to expand and shift. This shifting can result in the possible rupture of pipes buried in your yard. One sign that this is an issue is discolored water and debris finding its way into your home.
  • Septic Tank Flooding - With constant rainfall comes flooding, which is completely normal. However, for home and business owners using a septic system, water from heavy rain may saturate your drain field. A saturated drain field can prevent your septic tank from properly draining water, which could result in septic system adjustments or restrictions to your water usage.
  • Flooding Basements and Crawl Spaces - If your home sits on a steep incline or uneven ground, heavy rain could cause flooding in basements or crawl spaces. This type of flooding is especially prevalent if there isn’t proper draining around your home. Serious issues like water damage to pipes and mold growth in or around your plumbing system can create a lengthy clean-up process and costly repairs. One way to combat excessive flooding in these areas is to have a sump pump installed.

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We're committed to customer satisfaction, so we strive to deliver high-quality work on every job. You'll appreciate our friendly service and prompt project completion. We believe in getting the job done right the first time, so we pay close attention to detail throughout the project.

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Mr. Rooter has a reputation throughout the Richmond community for providing cost-saving, exceptional, trustworthy plumbing repair services. With more than 46 years of industry experience and expertise, we are locally owned and operated and have the resources of a national brand. As one of our valued customers, you can rest assured we are using the most updated, cutting-edge plumbing practices, technology, and skills to meet your needs.

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  • We never charge extra fees for overtime, weekend, or holiday plumbing repair
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  • We offer convenient appointment times that fit your schedule

If you find yourself experiencing one of the issues mentioned above or an unexpected plumbing emergency, we provide 24/7 emergency services. We assess your concerns, address the problems, and ensure your system continues functioning correctly so you can put all your worries to rest.

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