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We Can Quickly Clear Clogged Drains

If you have more than one clogged drain in your home and you haven't been able to clear them yourself, it's time to call a professional. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of The Central Coast, our service professionals have years of experience clearing residential clogged drains in Arroyo Grande, CA. We can use a drain rooter or plumbing snake to remove years of buildup and debris deep within your pipes so you can use your plumbing fixtures again. We work fast to clear clogged drains, so you'll have little downtime or disruption to your daily routine. As soon as you notice signs of a clogged shower drain or clogged sink drain, call our 24/7 live answering service or schedule an appointment on our website. We'll quickly come out and clear the clogged drain and give you tips for preventing future problems.

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Warning Signs You Have a Clogged Drain

Some clogs occur deep within your pipes, and by the time you notice the problem, you have multiple clogged drains in your home. You should call a professional if you have a clogged toilet and a clogged kitchen sink drain or clogged shower drain simultaneously. More than one clogged drain might be a sign you have a bigger problem. Watch out for these signs of a clogged drain and call us if you see any of these symptoms:

  • You keep finding standing water around a drain
  • Your toilet keeps backing up, overflowing, or won’t flush at all
  • Your shower or bathtub floor is slippery with soap scum because it drains so slowly
  • Your drains smell like sewage, food odors, or mold
  • You often have fruit flies or drain flies in the kitchen
  • Your drains make strange noises when you turn on a faucet, run the dishwasher, or use the washing machine
  • You keep finding dead insects, roaches, or rodents in the sink or near plumbing fixtures

Clearing a Clogged Sink Drain Yourself

There's a chance you can clear clogged drains yourself without calling a professional. You can use a store-bought drain cleaner or a plunger on clogged drains. Don't use a drain cleaner on a drain with standing water, as it might splash up on your face and cause burns or skin irritation. Likewise, if you have poured a drain cleaner into a drain with standing water, don't use a plunger on it. If you try these methods and still have clogged drains call us for drain cleaning services. Follow these steps for clearing a clogged sink drain with a plunger:

  • Use a cup plunger rather than an accordion plunger or toilet plunger.
  • If there is no water in the sink, add enough to cover the drain.
  • Place the plunger over the center of the drain and plunge a few times very forcefully to create a strong seal.
  • Remove the plunger to see if the water goes down. If it doesn't, re-center the plunger over the drain and plunge up and down quickly for one or two minutes. Creating enough force to suck debris out of a drain usually takes much longer than you think.
  • If plunging doesn't clear the clogged drain, use a plumbing snake or auger. Thread the snake or wire into the drain while twisting it counterclockwise. Keep going until you feel too much resistance to continue. Then pull the snake or wire back up while turning it. This should remove hair and debris from the drain. Continue doing this until the water goes down the drain without pooling up.

Fixing Clogged Kitchen Sink Drains & Clogged Shower Drains

If you have a clogged kitchen sink drain or clogged shower drain, you may not be able to use a drain cleaner. If your kitchen sink has garbage disposal installed, you shouldn't use a chemical drain cleaner. If you have a clogged shower drain, a store-bought drain cleaner might be unable to cut through the hair, soap, and other debris well enough to clear the clog. The drain cleaner will then sit in your pipes, causing corrosion, damage, and breakage. You also shouldn't use a drain cleaner on a clogged toilet. Call us, and we'll quickly clear clogged kitchen sink drains, clogged toilets, and clogged shower drains.

Call Today & We’ll Clear Clogged Drains in Arroyo Grande, CA

If you need help clearing clogged drains, contact us at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of The Central Coast. We'll show up on time, in uniform, and in a company vehicle so you know who you're letting into your home. We never charge overtime fees and are upfront and transparent about the cost of our plumbing services. We have the experience, tools, and equipment needed to quickly clear clogged drains in any plumbing appliance, so you can return to your routine as soon as possible. Call our 24/7 answering service or request a job estimate online for clogged drain service in Arroyo Grande, Grover Beach, and Santa Maria, CA.

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