Traverse City Water Line Replacement

Traverse City enjoys an abundance of fresh water, and given its proximity to Michigan’s Great Lakes, this makes sense. Increasingly freshwater is becoming scarce thanks to climate change and changing weather patterns, including drought.

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That’s why it’s more important than ever to be mindful of consuming our freshwater supply in moderation so that we can protect the planet’s resources which are finite and limited. If anything, responsible homeowners must be sustainable about their daily water consumption by asking for a Traverse City water line replacement at their earliest convenience.

Nobody wants to risk their home’s freshwater supply, which is literally their lifeline. So it’s best to be proactive and ensure your plumbing lines are in fully functioning order with a water line replacement. Traverse City, MI residents may find that it can be frustrating to mend a fractured water line. However, when leaving it unaddressed, you risk not only costly and permanent water damage affecting the structural integrity of your home but also putting into jeopardy your health and wellness. The last thing anyone wants to face is zilch water running from their taps first thing in the morning! If you have a hunch your home’s pipework is starting to deteriorate, your best bet is to ask a local, licensed, and fully insured Traverse City plumber for a water line repair or replacement. New pipes releasing a fresh stream of liquid into your household can last you many years and are a one-off investment you don’t need to worry about ever again. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Traverse City, we only have your safety and well-being in mind and will help you pick the most cost-effective and long-lasting solutions.

What to Expect From Our Traverse City Water Line Replacement

Plumbing Inspection And Diagnosis

Before conducting a Traverse City water line replacement, it’s mandatory to examine your home’s plumbing system to get the gist of any previous damage. Your water line is the closest and the most inmost part of your plumbing system. If it happens to break down, it can cause a ripple effect of a more serious plumbing problem later on, from clogs to leaky faucets and runny toilets. Upon completion, they will determine the best course of action for a water line replacement. Traverse City, MI clients should note our expert and experienced plumber will perform a thorough inspection of the following:

  • Plumbing fixtures, including sink, toilet, bathtub, shower, etc.
  • Draining, venting, and filtration systems
  • Water supply lines
  • Liquid pressure levels
  • Main shut-off valves
  • Emergency mechanisms, including the sump pump

Specialized Tools And Techniques

Our team members are also well-equipped with the skillset and know-how for advanced plumbing methods, including possessing some nifty tricks and tricks up their plumber sleeves. Although you can get rid of a clog with a plunger or auger, a water line replacement is a whole different ball game, as your generic store-bought equipment just won't do. A water line replacement is more detail-oriented than getting rid of a clog and requires specialized tactics such as the following:

Infrared Detection: One tool we use is infrared thermal imaging which helps to pinpoint leakages that may be affecting the quality of your home’s freshwater supply. Mostly, thermal imaging helps to exact target moist and humid areas by measuring temperature levels behind your walls, ceilings, and underneath the soil. After collecting data by calculating wavelengths, we create a heat map of the varying temperature zones within your pipes which shows the detailed patterns and variations. Your skilled plumber will indicate which areas have possible leaks or are damaged and require a Traverse City water line replacement.

Pressure Testing: If pressure levels have been unbalanced for your supply due to a frozen or busted pipe, you may have noticed a big difference during your daily shower. Our trained plumber will examine your pressure regulator to ensure it hasn’t been tampered with and the settings are at the standard and default mode. If you find you have lower pressure from your plumbing fixtures from your toilet to the bathroom sink it could be due to extensive damage to your liquid lines, which is only made worse if they are frozen out. After the plumbing inspection, our certified plumber will take a flow reading from the water meter and conduct a pressure test and any other backup methods to uncover any further damages to your water supply line.

Mr. Rooter Is The Top Choice For Water Line Replacement, Traverse City MI

A busted water line is not something you should overlook, as there are repercussions beyond just an annoying and dripping faucet. Plus, don’t haphazardly assume your utility services provider emergency technician will run to the rescue and solve your water crisis, as they can only make minor quick fixes and cannot solve the root cause and will end up recommending you hire a professional contractor for a Traverse City water line replacement. Traverse City, MI homeowners can cut to the chase by asking a trustworthy plumber to unleash fresh and clean liquid back into their humble abode. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Traverse City, we always advocate for our clientele and only offer transparent, upfront pricing and a one-year parts and labor guarantee–so if you find your freshwater is not as crisp and fresh as you’d hoped, we would return and make the proper adjustments, no sweat. No Traverse City resident should have to sacrifice clean drinking water, so don’t delay and ask for a Traverse City water line replacement today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Traverse City Water Line Replacement

What are the Warning Signs I Need a Traverse City Water Line Replacement?

Mostly, sharp tree roots, sediment buildup, and a shifting house foundation are some of the reasons why you may need a Traverse City water line replacement. Thus, as a homeowner, you must not be complacent if you detect discolored, rusty water and foul odors. Or fluctuating water pressure, random leaks, and skyrocketing monthly utility bills. These are all red flags you need a Traverse City water line replacement service.

Regardless of whether you have purchased a pre-owned or newly built property, you may not have hired a professional plumber to conduct an assessment of the house’s plumbing system. If you are keen on participating in the proper upkeep of your water lines, including signing up for an annual inspection, you will slim to none ever encounter rust, corrosion, and decay for your freshwater pipes. Plus, the worst-case scenario of forgoing a Traverse City water line replacement is experiencing a flood in your basement, backyard, or on the outskirts of your home due to cracks, leaks, and breakages. You could be exposed to harmful and contaminated liquid chock-full of bacteria and pathogens. Here are some telltale signs your water line is broken and requires a water line replacement, Traverse City, MI property owners should expect:

  • Large drop in liquid pressure whilst using plumbing fixtures and liquid-based appliances
  • Strange splashing or hissing noises
  • Discolored and dirty water
  • Rust and corrosion
  • Mold and mildew growth
  • Pest infestation
  • Foul odors
  • Random hairline cracks, fractures, holes, and leakages
  • Liquid puddles
  • Standing water in the front yard
  • Frequent clogs due to lack of liquid flow
  • Soaring utility bills due to excessive water consumption
  • Damaged house foundation

Again we can’t stress how important it is not outright to ignore a water line replacement, Traverse City, MI property owners must note as the aftermath of damage and rot is a hassle to deal with. Sooner to later you’ll find that any standing liquid from a busted water line will seep in your home’s foundation, resulting in cracks and cause your wooden structures to rot as the pipes continue to rust and deteriorate, resulting in bigger and worse leaks.

What Is The Best Pipe For The Main Water Line?

Normally High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipes, a plastic-based material made from polyethylene resin, are the most commonplace choice for residential water mains. Given their durability, this material can also handle fluctuating temperatures and pressure and can withstand rust and corrosion.

How Long Does It Take To Fix A Broken Water Pipe?

Not very long! At most, it takes a few hours to fix a water main break for a Traverse City water line replacement. It also depends on the amount of damage, the location of where the break is located, and its condition, and in extreme circumstances can take a few days to replace.

What Is The Life Expectancy Of Water Lines?

It depends on the type of material you choose. For example, brass pipes can last between 40 and 70 years, galvanized steel is between 20 and 50 years, HDPE is for nearly 50 years, and lastly, copper is for around 50 years.

Mr. Rooter Will Unleash The Floodgates For Your Freshwater Needs With a Traverse City Water Line Replacement!

We are at your beck and call for all your freshwater needs! Whether you’re in Traverse City or the surrounding areas like Benzonia, Cadillac, or East Jordan, go ahead and schedule a no-obligation consultation or service appointment with one of our courteous customer service representatives today. We will gladly inform you about our other residential and commercial plumbing services and help you learn more about our process. From clogged drains to drain cleaning and water heater installation, our Traverse City plumbers have your plumbing issues covered.

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