Did someone say Sag Harbor was one of the best places to live and retire? There is no doubt about that! Mr. Rooter Plumbing of The Hamptons is proud to be serving the locals of Sag Harbor and surrounding areas. Plumbing maintenance is one of the most essential services homeowners need. You can trust your local Sag Harbor plumber to ensure that your home's water supply is clean and that wastewater is safely flowing out.

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But that’s not everything your team of Sag Harbor plumbers can do. We specialize in a wide range of repair services. From frozen pipe repairs to slab leak and sewer line repairs, our skilled plumbers in Sag Harbor, NY have every common plumbing emergency covered for you!

Sag Harbor Plumbing Diagnosis and Inspection

A Sag Harbor plumber’s goal is to help their residents maintain their plumbing system, which means taking the necessary steps to avoid any unexpected mishaps that could lead to costly repairs. Homeowners who schedule annual inspections with their Sag Harbor plumber can expect a thorough job from start to finish.

Video Inspection Camera

Our sewer camera is a non-invasive tool used to inspect a pipe’s interior. It’s made of a cable with a camera attached to the head. Once lowered down the drain, your Sag Harbor plumber is able to follow it from the surface via a signal receiver. As the camera travels through the pipe, we will be able to examine its health and even locate blockages that could potentially grow into larger issues. Sludge and mineral buildup are common culprits for clogged pipes. Sewer gas smells, drain flies, and slow drains are common warning signs that you need a plumber near me for drain cleaning services.

Drain Cleaning

Mr. Rooter’s drain cleaning services are a popular routine maintenance service designed to prevent drainage issues that could affect household drains and the sewer system. Whether you have an existing clog that needs to be eliminated or want to keep your household drain lines clean and healthy, we offer hydro jetting! Your local Sag Harbor plumbers use HydroScrub® Jetting technology to blast through clogs and clean pipes’ interiors with high-pressure water jets.

Sag Harbor Plumbing Repairs

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Plumbing Fixtures

Most common plumbing services are related to broken fixtures, from a leaky faucet to a running toilet and a clogged shower head. Luckily, these are small plumbing issues that your Sag Harbor plumber can fix without taking too much of your time. The buildup of mineral deposits inside your faucets and shower heads often leads to clogs and corrosion. Rather than cleaning them out or replacing small components, your most cost-effective option is often a replacement. On the other hand, toilet repair involves replacing a worn-out flapper or defective refill tube. But if it’s leaking around the base or tank, you will likely need to consider a replacement.

Water Heater Repair

It’s easy to take your hot water heater for granted because it provides you with heated water every day. But when you experience fluctuating temperatures in the shower or a leak around the tank, call your local Sag Harbor plumber for professional leak repairs. If the leak is caused by a clogged drain valve, it will be replaceable. However, if it’s a tank leak, you will likely need a water heater replacement. With Mr. Rooter’s expert plumbers, Sag Harbor, NY residents can rest easy knowing that our plumbing installation services will go smoothly and easily.

Water Line Repair

When you live on the coast, you have to deal with a certain level of salt air corrosion. You may notice rust on your vehicles, but pipe corrosion is another common occurrence. If you detect it too late, you could risk a water line break and experience flooding in your home. Leaky pipes behind your drywall or underneath your hardwood floors could result in costly repairs and unimaginable water bills.

Warning Signs of a Cracked Pipe

  • Drop in water pressure
  • Water stains
  • Discolored water
  • Inexplicable puddles of water
  • Increased utility bills
  • Musty smells

Trenchless Sewer Line Repairs

The trenchless technology is a professional, minimally invasive method of repairing your underground pipes without digging up your property. In order for the trenchless technique to work, the sewer pipe itself must be intact, so your Sag Harbor plumbers can complete one of the following repair methods:

  • Pipe Lining: This is the most common trenchless sewer line repair method that occurs on a regular basis even during non-emergency situations. Let’s assume that tree roots invaded your sewer line and your professional plumber in Sag Harbor, NY has already cut through those roots via hydro jetting. What’s left to do is fix the crack. During pipe lining, we soak an inflatable replacement pipe in epoxy before guiding it through the pipe to the affected area. Then, we inflate it and allow it to cure in place.
  • Pipe Bursting: The bursting method involves hydraulic pressure to break down the severely damaged section of the existing pipe. Your Sag Harbor plumbers will drill two access holes (into the wall or concrete) to access the sewer line. Through one hole, they pull out the broken pieces, and through the other hole, they install a new section.

24-Hour Emergency Plumbing Service

Bathroom floor covered with water after fixture leaked in Sag Harbor and emergency plumbing repair was needed.

A 24-hour emergency plumber in Sag Harbor, NY is not easy to come by, which is why our local clients have saved our number to their speed dial. Furthermore, emergency services always come with some unexpected surcharges. But Mr. Rooter is committed to keeping emergency plumbing repairs at their flat rate with no overtime charges. So when in need of a professional, 24-hour plumber, Sag Harbor, NY homeowners will get the peace of mind knowing that Mr. Rooter cares about their safety and provides them with the necessary emergency services to restore their safety and comfort.

Need a Reliable Sag Harbor Plumber Near Me?

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Reach out to us today to speak with one of our friendly customer service reps! Ask us any questions you may have or schedule an appointment for our popular clogged drain services.

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