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Your plumbing is one of those vital systems in your home that gets consistent use. When you have a leak, waiting for repairs could be a costly mistake that leaves you spending thousands on replacements later down the line. With Mr. Rooter Plumbing of The Hamptons, you don’t have to wait for complicated repairs due to a leaking pipe. We offer exceptional plumbing services and assistance for your home in Calverton, NY.

Our team can also address leaks that include:

  • Gas lines
  • Water lines
  • Appliance hoses

Because our plumbers live and work in the area, we know the circumstances that could adversely affect your pipes, one of them being the weather. Calverton experiences average lows of around 29 degrees Fahrenheit during winter. Therefore, leaking pipes in cold weather can easily become burst pipes. Our certified and licensed plumbing service pros are here to protect and extend the life of your pipes long-term. Our team will help you stop a water leak under pressure before it causes additional damage.

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3 Items in Your Home That Could Be Leaking Right Now

Leaking pipes can be an unexpected and disastrous event that puts your family’s health at risk. As long as there are pipes, every area in your home can be affected by a leak, causing a host of other issues. Here are three items in your home that could be leaking right now.

1. Leaking Appliances

From your fridge to your washing machine, appliances are prone to leaks over time. When your appliances are installed, connections should be checked annually to ensure they’re still secure. If not, you could have slow leaks that cause mold and structural damage that a professional must resolve. Our plumbers are experienced specialists ready to inspect potentially leaking pipes and recommend the best course of action.

2. Leaking Faucet

Faucets are notorious for slow leaks. Many homeowners are so accustomed to faucets that drip, the occurrence doesn’t seem like a big deal. On the contrary, leaking faucets or drains can cause corrosive buildup that can actually adversely affect your water. To avoid health issues and corrosion, hire one of our skilled plumbers in Calverton for a thorough inspection.

3. Leaking Water Heater

Your water heater is a critical component in your home that controls your water’s temperature. If you have a leaking hose on your water heater, it could completely disrupt operational efficiency; and no one wants to be in the middle of a hot shower, only to be sprayed with ice-cold water. Not only that, but it could cause your water bills to increase significantly. Our skilled plumbers can help you reduce the chances of a broken or leaking water heater.

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