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Every time you take a shower, it’s like standing in a wading pool of hot water. If the water in your tub is slow to drain, or worse yet, doesn’t empty at all, you have a clogged shower drain on your hands. It’s not uncommon for homeowners in The Hamptons to use a chemical drain cleaner or DIY remedies for a quick fix. But that’s exactly what they are—quick fixes, not lasting solutions. In reality, these “fixes” can do more harm than good.

When in need of a shower drain unclog, residents can count on their local Hamptons plumber to expertly solve the problem. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of The Hamptons uses a wide range of technology-driven services to not just get rid of your clog fast but also ensure it stays gone. We’ll even back our work with a guarantee. To ensure the job’s done right, give our experienced team a call to schedule your appointment today.

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About Our Professional Clogged Shower Drain Services

You might think a clogged drain is a small problem. You might even be ok with a slow-draining shower. But when experiencing a clogged shower drain, or any type of blocked drain for that matter, Hamptons homeowners face serious risks such as sewer backup and water line damage. The easy fix? Give your friendly Mr. Rooter a call. We’ll work fast to unclog your pipes. Here’s exactly how our process works:

  • Plumbing Inspection and Diagnosis

The first step we take is to properly identify the issue. It’s not always soap scum and hair that cause a clog, and we use video camera inspection to peek inside your pipes and find out what the real villain is. Sometimes a crack may be to blame, while other times rust and corrosion can cause issues. Depending on what we find, we’ll recommend an appropriate course of action.

  • Specialized Tools and Advanced Techniques

We use the latest tools and techniques to solve your clogged drain shower. The Hamptons, NY residents who have always relied on DIY hacks and home remedies will realize that these are no long-term solutions. If they were, then professional plumbing solutions wouldn’t exist. Our guaranteed methods do. We’ll use a wide range of tools, including acoustic listening devices, hydro jetting tools, and high-tech video cameras, to properly fix your shower drain. Unclog it with a plunger once, and it might give you temporary relief, but twice or thrice indicate a more serious problem that requires an expert’s assistance. Read on to discover more about the specialized tools we use to provide a fix that’s not only quick but also one that lasts.

  • Video Camera Inspection: There are many different items that can make their way down your shower pipes. Depending on the size of the hole and if you have a drain stopper, children’s toys, jewelry, and other small items can be lost. That’s why video camera inspection is such an important part of pipe cleaning and unclogging. With our camera, we will see exactly what’s causing the problem. This is something Hamptons homeowners simply can’t do on their own without the right tools, and it’s not every home that has a high-tech camera lying around.
  • HydroScrub Jetting: This is the technique we will most likely use for a shower drain unclog. If your pipes aren’t damaged, hydro jetting will blast away built-up scum, debris, minerals, and hair to leave your pipes squeaky clean. A hose that attaches to a water pressurizer to provide a fast, long-lasting solution.

Why Choose Mr. Rooter To Get Rid Of Your Clogged Shower Drain?

The Hamptons, NY plumbers know you have options when it comes to cleaning out your shower drain. And you might be on the fence about whether to just tackle it yourself with a wire coat hanger. By now, you should know the difference that choosing an expert plumber makes in regard to care and maintenance, but what makes our service stand out from the crowd? We’re the experts on clogged drains, and we have all the right equipment ready to tackle the job.

Other plumbing companies might suggest a drain snake or use chemical cleaners such as bleach, but these “solutions'' simply don’t compare to the thorough remedies we offer homeowners of the Hamptons. What’s more, we offer a one-of-a-kind plumbing service our customers can depend on. Our highly skilled team will arrive on time with a courteous smile. We’re also available for 24/7 emergency services to ensure we’re there when you need us most.

Frequently Asked Questions About A Clogged Shower Drain | The Hamptons, NY

What Are The Signs I Have a Clogged Shower Drain?

When you have a clogged shower drain, you’ll usually know right away. However, there are different degrees of clogs. If you experience any of the following, it’s time to call your local Hamptons plumber:

  • Gurgling noises coming from your bathtub
  • Standing water
  • Slow draining water
  • Bad odors coming from your shower
  • Water pooling around your tub
  • Flies

What Causes a Clogged Shower Drain?

Showering usually consists of soap, shampoo, and hair…lots of hair. While this may not seem like enough to cause clogs, the combination of sticky soap and hair adheres to the sides of your pipes and eventually builds up, creating an impenetrable barrier.

Because bathtub drains usually have drain plugs, larger items likely won’t get lost down it. However, a piece of jewelry has certainly made its way down more than one bathtub drain opening before. To prevent hair clogs from happening in your shower, it’s recommended that you use a protective shower drain cover to catch hair and keep small toys out of the tub.

What Shouldn’t I Use To Clear A Clogged Shower Drain?

A quick search of how to clear your clogged shower drain will reveal many different DIY solutions. Such as using a toilet plunger in your bathtub or petroleum jelly, not many of them actually work, and even fewer are actually good for your plumbing system. First and foremost, you should never pour harsh chemicals down your shower grate. This can lead to a larger drainage problem with your drain line over time.

Have you heard of the old boiling water, a cup of vinegar, and baking soda trick for a shower drain unclog? You’re not the only one, but this natural mixture can actually be just as bad as adding in more soap residue and hair. While it may loosen the stubborn clog initially, a little further down the pipe, it can form a more solid mass, leading to a worse problem than you started with. While DIY tips can be useful, in the case of a clogged pipe, you’ll want to call a professional plumber for hydro jetting. We have the ability to see exactly what’s down the pipe with video camera inspection, using hydro jetting to get rid of the blockage for good.

Get Rid Of That Nasty Clog Once And For All – Call Mr. Rooter Plumbing of The Hamptons Today!

Tired of standing in a puddle every time you take a shower? Your shower drain clog is no match for our plumbing experts. Skip the toxic drain cleaning chemicals, baking soda, and wire drain snakes and call a pro to remove your shower clog for good. Serving all of The Hamptons, including East Quoque, Bridgehampton, and Eastport, we make sure all can experience the peace of mind that comes from a clog-free drain.

Don’t limit yourself to our shower drain cleaning service, though. We also offer all plumbing services as well as drain repair and sewer line services to our residential customers. Give our valued team a call to schedule your service today.

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