Drain Cleaning & Drain Repair Service in Spring, TX.

Though many people don’t think about it, drain systems are one of the most important aspects of a home. Charged with the essential task of ridding your home of harmful waste and water, drains keep your family safe from dirt and disease. Despite their importance to our health and happiness, many people ignore their drain systems until there is an emergency, leaving them susceptible to bacterial infestation and costly repairs. Drain clogs and damage are dangerous to your family and your home’s pipe system, but regular maintenance can help them last as long as possible

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Maintaining your drain system is key to ensuring the health of your household and avoiding emergency repairs that can cost thousands. Routine maintenance not only provides you with peace of mind that your drains are working properly, but it can also alert you to when, inevitably, it’s time to make repairs and upgrades.

Clogged Drain in Montgomery County

Mr. Rooter is Your Local & Licensed Drain Cleaning Experts

When it comes to clogged drains repairs in Spring, no plumbing company is better equipped to handle the problem than Mr. Rooter. With the area’s most experienced and vetted plumbers, we are poised to handle any drain issue that comes your way. With our state-of-the-art equipment, we will have your drainage system up and running in no time at all. We offer a wide range of drain maintenance and repair services, so you can be sure we’ll know exactly how to handle any situation. Our services include:

Video Camera Inspection Service

Because drainage systems are extensive, it’s impossible to accurately find and fix a clog with the naked eye. With our advanced camera system, we’re able to maneuver your drains with a scope and see exactly what’s causing the issue. This way, we can be sure that we’ve completely solved the problem when we move to fix it.

Clogged Drain Repair Using a Drain Snake

Once we know where the clog is located and what it’s made out of, we can snake the drain using a metal cable. We feed the cable through the pipes until it reaches the clog. From there, we use a crank to loosen the clog. Sometimes once a clog is loosened, it can pass freely into the sewer system. However, sometimes, like in the case of roots growing into the pipes, the clog needs to be manually cleaned.

Hydro-Scrub Jetting - High Pressure Drain Cleaning Service

Another option for some clogs is to remove them using hydro-scrub jetting. This is a process of blasting pipes with high-pressure water streams to force the clog from the drain. In many cases, this is the quickest and most economical option. However, it is not always effective on major clogs from tree root invasions.

If you’re a homeowner, contact Mr. Rooter to schedule drain inspection or maintenance. If you notice drainage problems in your home, don’t wait another moment. Call us to get one of our expert plumbers over right away and to avoid costly repairs later. We guarantee timely service, honest diagnoses, and prompt solutions to all your plumbing problems.

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