Residential Hydroscrub Jetting Services in Spring, Texas

Stuck with a clog that just won’t dislodge? Have you plunged and plunged with no improvement? Have you had other plumbing companies visit multiple times this year? If so, it’s time to call the professionals at Mr. Rooter. With our exclusive Hydroscrub technology, we can unclog drains in ways that other companies just can’t match. We know that having ongoing plumbing issues is emotionally and financially exhausting, so we get the job done right the first time. We’ve developed technology that can combat even the toughest blockages, leaving your home’s pipes free and clear to work how they were intended. Some clogs are no match for household solutions and require the help of our patented Hydroscrub jetting and draining services.

Mr. Rooter drain using a Hydroscrub Jet

What Is Hydroscrub Drain Jetting?

Unlike traditional snaking methods, our Hydroscrub technology uses calculated amounts of water at specific pressures to effectively clean debris and blocks from clogged household pipes. Snaking methods can only clean physical blocks, while our Hydroscrub clears substances such as soap residue, oil, and mineral deposits to ensure that the block is fully eradicated for good. One session of Hydroscrub leaves most pipes working like new.

What Is Involved in Hydroscrub?

The materials for our Hydroscrub system include a high-pressure hose, a strength nozzle, and a reservoir tank. All plumbing systems include a part called a “cleanout,” which is designed for removing debris and clogs. We place the Hydroscrub system at the cleanout. The machine clears a path through your clogged pipes to allow the highly pressured water to move through to the sewer, taking your clog and buildup with it.

Why Is Hydroscrub Better Than Traditional Drain Cleaning Methods?

Traditional methods such as snaking don’t create long-term solutions and instead only provide temporary fixes to clogs. Especially in the case of tree root growth in main lines and pipes, snaking creates a hole but does not break the roots enough to stop them from growing back. Hydroscrub eliminates every block in the line, allowing for full drainage and use of your pipes. This also helps to prevent tree roots from quickly growing back in the same spots, as well as cleaning out any buildup of household materials and chemicals that can hinder drainage.

How Do I Know I Need Hydroscrub?

If you’ve had drainage solutions done through a company other than Mr. Rooter that only seems effective for a little while, it’s likely time to look at Hydroscrub. Several plumbing visits in a short period of time indicate that the problem is not being fully resolved, but rather that temporary measures are being taken, and those measures falter after a short amount of time. At Mr. Rooter, we take every step to avoid repeat visits like this.

Though we love serving you, we know that temporary fixes are a waste of your time and money. Hydroscrub creates a lasting solution to drainage problems by tackling the entire problem head-on. When you call Mr. Rooter for plumbing needs, we do a full assessment of the problem and prescribe long-term, lasting solutions like Hydroscrub that allow you peace of mind and security for years to come.

Unclog and Move On

If you have a clogged drain anywhere in your home, the best and most lasting solution is Hydroscrub. We respect the fact that nobody has time for costly, repeat repairs that don’t fix the problem in the long term. Get your house running properly with the first plumber visit, and contact Mr. Rooter today. No plumbing company cares more about providing the best long-term solutions for your plumbing problems than Mr. Rooter does, and nobody else has the patented power of our Hydroscrub technology.

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