Hydroscrub® Jetting in Newberg,OR

If you are experiencing clogs that your plunger just can't seem to solve, call in the professionals! Mr. Rooter of Newberg can clear drain clogs immediately, thanks to our Hydroscrub® jetting services. With our help, you can quickly return to reliable drains that work the way they should. After an appointment with us, your plumbing system will thank you in the long run.

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What is Hydroscrub®?

Hydroscrub® is a technique that uses intense water pressure to beat even the toughest of clogs and the dirtiest of drains. Through jetting technology, this method is proven to be one of the most effective in the industry, providing outstanding results. Objects such as hair, grease, mineral deposits, and soap residue are swept out and removed from your system, leaving squeaky clean drains behind.

How Does Hydroscrub® Work?

Hydroscrub® employs a large water tank, a high-pressure hose and strength nozzle, and a machine that pressurizes and controls water flow. The nozzle is then placed at the source of the clean-out, a part of your plumbing system which allows debris to be removed. Through built-up pressure, the nozzle pulls itself through the pipe while cleaning areas as it moves along. Thanks to 3500 psi units of water, it pushes out all built-up piles of debris, allowing them to move out of the pipes and into the sewer.

Emergency Clog Removal

Thanks to our 24/7 emergency services, Mr. Rooter is capable of handling any emergency clogs. Our Hydroscrub® method is the quickest and most effective way of destroying clogs and buildups and puts much less stress on your home compared to other methods. Our emergency clog procedures will leave your home in better hands and in good shape for the future. Leave your worries behind when you trust the expert plumbers of Mr. Rooter.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance appointments can prevent buildups from happening in the first place! Scheduling regular appointments can prolong the health of your drains and pipes, allowing you to solve issues as soon as they occur. Avoid emergency appointments and inconvenient buildups when you hire Mr. Rooter of Newberg for maintenance appointments. We'll quickly and effectively inspect your plumbing, placing you in safe hands down the road.

Additional Tips & Tricks to Protect Your Drains

  • Try to limit the extent to which your garbage disposal and pipes have to work. Throw damaging food items, such as fat, oil, and grease, in the trash versus down the garbage disposal.
  • Use Mr. Rooter Plumbing Enzymatic Drain Care every month to prevent FOG buildup.
  • Make sure to only flush toilet paper down the toilet, no other products.
  • Add drain strainers to your kitchen or bathroom drains to prevent hair, food, etc., from clogging drains. Clean these regularly.

We hope these tips were able to help! For more questions or to set up an appointment, we can be reached. We offer job estimates before we begin, giving you a clear idea of the cost. Call today to get in contact with us.

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