Burst Pipe Repair in Newberg

Pipe bursting has become increasingly well known in Oregon as more and more homeowners are choosing this option instead of re-piping (which may mean digging up your yard, or worse, your street). If your older piping needs to be replaced, there are trenchless options, which include pipe bursting.

Our service professionals are fully trained on the different options to repair or replace piping and each method has different advantages over the other depending on the specifics of the home or business. Pipe bursting is a trenchless replacement method where a bursting tool is used to burst the old pipe and at the same time, inserting a new pipe inside the old pipe. This allows for a smooth transition in changing to a new pipe without having do dig up any areas.

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Signs You May Need to Replace Your Existing Pipes:

  • Lower Water Pressure Declining Over Time
  • Water Coming Out Looking a Little Cloudy or Even Dirty
  • Slower Drain Time and More Clogged Drains
  • Possible Leaks and Maintenance Over the Years
  • Drain Back-Ups

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If you think you have a problem with your existing pipes, our trained plumbing technicians will inspect your home and identify what the problem is, in case it is something else, not requiring pipe replacement. After identifying the problem, they will be able to give you options, as well as a free estimate on the work we will be performing.

Our Newberg plumbers are trained in pipe bursting and other methods of replacing a homes piping. The option to choose which replacement method would be best may involve looking at where the pipes are located, if they are outside – how far from the home are they located and how far down are they from the surface, as well as what is above the pipes (concrete, asphalt, lawns, etc.,) unless of course the pipes are in the walls, then we will discuss those options as well.

We also perform pipe replacement for businesses, both commercial and industrial and we know re-piping. We have been servicing Yamhill County for years, including of course Newberg, McMinnville, Dayton, Carlton, Sheridan, Lafayette, and the rest of the county. We are a proud supporter of our local community and are very proud of our reputation.

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