Why You Should Trust the Pros for Toilet Replacement Service

Toilet Replacement Service
Did you know that the average person will spend well over one full year in the bathroom throughout the course of their life? And while some of this time will be spent showering, brushing teeth, and getting ready for work, a large percentage of it will be spent using the bathroom.

With this in mind, it's very important for you to have fully functioning toilets in all of the bathrooms in your home. It's also important for you to do toilet replacement every so often to ensure that your home's toilets are working the way they're supposed to.

When you need to replace a toilet, you might be tempted to tackle the job on your own. How hard could it be to take out an old toilet and put a new one in its place?

It might seem like a simple enough task. But the truth is that you're better off taking the time to find a plumber in Dallas, Texas to get the job done as opposed to doing it yourself. Hiring a qualified plumber is the only way to guarantee your toilet gets installed the right way.

Here's why you should leave toilet replacement service to the pros.

They'll Tell You If You Actually Need a New Toilet

If you hate the way that the old toilet in your bathroom looks and want to get rid of it ASAP, a professional plumber isn't going to try to talk you out of doing it. They'll get started on removing it right away so that you can install a brand-new toilet in its place.

But if you dislike the toilet that you have now because it never seems to flush properly or because it's running all the time, a plumber might be able to suggest a toilet repair that will help you avoid toilet replacement. This could save you quite a bit of money and prevent you from having to replace your existing toilet.

It's worth learning how to find a plumber and asking them to take a closer look at your toilet prior to replacing it. They could make a few minor adjustments to it that will help you extend its lifespan.

They'll Help You Find the Right Toilet for Your Bathroom

If you decide that you are, in fact, going to replace the toilet, you might already know which one you want to replace it with. But you may also be puzzled about choosing the right toilet for your specific bathroom space.

There are lots of different types of toilets that you'll be able to select. From basic gravity-flush toilets to more advanced specialty toilets, you can find so many options out there.

By choosing a plumber to help you with your toilet replacement project prior to shopping around for a toilet, you'll give yourself access to a professional who can help you make a smart decision. You won't have any issues locating the perfect toilet for your bathroom at a great price.

They'll Remove Your Old Toilet From Your Bathroom

Once you hire a plumber in Dallas, Texas to help you with toilet replacement and pick out the toilet that you want for your bathroom, the plumber will get to work. The first thing they'll do is rip your old toilet out of your bathroom to make space for your new one.

This is a job that you could do on your own. But why would you want to when you consider the mess that is often made in this process?

While you can remove most of the water from a toilet before removing it from your bathroom, there is always going to be a little water lingering around. This water could spill on you, your bathroom floor, and other floors in your home if you aren't careful when walking your old toilet outside.

As you might imagine, this can make this part of the toilet replacement job gross. It could also lead to water damage being done in various parts of your home if a toilet tips over and spills water while you're carrying it out of your house.

You're better off leaving this to a qualified plumber. They'll get your old toilet out of your house quickly without too much commotion. They'll also help you dispose of it so that you don't have it sitting on your property for any longer than you have to.

They'll Install Your New Toilet in Place of Your Old One

After a plumber has removed your old toilet from your bathroom and put it outside, the real fun begins. The next thing that they'll do is take your new toilet out of its packaging and start to install it for you.

To do this, they'll begin by cleaning up some of the mess that was left behind by your old toilet. This typically involves drying the floor and removing any old caulk that was used around your old toilet.

From there, they will then:

  • Check out the flange for your toilet and either repair or replace it, if necessary
  • Install a new wax ring on top of your flange
  • Place your new toilet on top of the flange and wax ring
  • Bolt your new toilet down to your bathroom floor
  • Caulk around the outside of the base of your new toilet
  • Hook your water supply line up to your toilet and turn the water on

In a perfect world, a plumber won't run into any problems while doing all of this. Everything will go smoothly, and they'll hook your new toilet up in about an hour or two.

But in the event that you have, say, a broken flange on your hands or a toilet that doesn't seem to fit right, a plumber will rely on their experience and expertise to remedy the situation. You won't be able to do the same thing if you install a toilet on your own, which may result in inconvenient bathroom delays.

They'll Move Your New Toilet to a Different Location If You'd Like

Do you want to put the new toilet that you're installing in your bathroom in a different place than your old one?

In this case, you're definitely going to want to find a plumber in Dallas, Texas who can lend a helping hand. This is not going to be a job for someone who doesn't have a wealth of plumbing experience.

Moving a toilet to the other side of a bathroom is going to require a plumber to reposition plumbing pipes. This is a very involved job that needs to be done properly to keep your house up-to-code and to ensure that your new toilet works the way it should.

They'll Make Sure Your New Toilet Isn't Leaking at All

Regardless of whether you install your new toilet in the same or new spot, a plumber is going to spend a few minutes flushing the toilet and tinkering with it after putting it into place. These tests look out for any signs of water leakage from your new toilet.

Ideally, they shouldn't see any leaks appear as long as they installed the toilet the right way. But if they happen to see a small leak, they'll work to correct the issue right away so that it doesn't linger.

In addition to checking your new toilet for leaks, a plumber will also check to see that your toilet doesn't run for longer than it should. If it does, they'll adjust the parts inside your toilet to stop your toilet from running unnecessarily.

They'll Clean Up After Themselves Following Toilet Replacement

As we've alluded to a few times now, replacing an old toilet with a new one can be a very messy job. At the end of it, there is likely going to be a small, contained mess in your bathroom that will need to be cleaned up.

If you do toilet replacement on your own, guess who will be in charge of cleaning up that mess? That's right, it'll be your responsibility!

But, if you find a plumber to assist you with your toilet replacement project, the onus will be on them to clean up your bathroom once they've finished installing your new toilet. They'll make it look like they weren't even there by the time they're finished.

They'll Address Any Other Plumbing Issues You Might Have in Your Bathroom

When you welcome a plumber into your home to do toilet replacement, it's not a bad idea to take advantage of the fact that they're there. Outside of having them install a new toilet for you, you should also think about any other plumbing jobs that you might want to have them do in your bathroom.

For instance, let's say that you've been having problems with the drain in your bathroom sink. It's not uncommon at all for bathroom drains to get clogged up with hair, soap scum, and other gunk. This can make it almost impossible to use them since water will back up in your sink when you turn it on.

After a plumber is finished installing your new toilet, you can have them take a look at this kind of thing. More often than not, they should be able to unclog your bathroom sink in a matter of minutes and get things back to a comfortable norm.

A plumber can also help you with lots of other plumbing problems in your bathroom. From leaky plumbing pipes under your sink to issues with your shower, they can get everything in your bathroom working the way it's supposed to in no time at all. All you have to do is ask them to help you once they're done with toilet replacement.

They'll Do All This Without Breaking the Bank

Many homeowners in Dallas, Texas are under the impression that they're going to save a boatload of money by purchasing a toilet on their own and taking the DIY approach to installing it. But most of the time, this couldn't be any further from the truth.

Oftentimes, you'll be able to get a much better deal on a toilet than you would be able to otherwise when you buy one through a plumbing company. They have relationships with the best toilet manufacturers in the business and can get you a toilet for a great price.

You will then have to pay a plumber to professionally install your new toilet for you. But even that won't cost anywhere near as much as you might think. The average price that you'll pay for new toilet installation is on the lower side compared to many other home improvement projects.

It's yet another reason why you should go through the process of choosing a plumber in Dallas, Texas to take care of toilet replacement for you. You'll enjoy a hassle-free experience from start to finish when you have the right plumber on your side.

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