Drain Cleaning and Other Trusted Plumbing Services in Dallas, TX

At Mr. Rooter Plumbing, our team members all strive to be the best plumber Dallas has to offer. Every member of our team is licensed, bonded and insured—which means we can provide the qualified and trustworthy plumber Dallas deserves. Moreover, our repairs are designed to be durable, effective and guaranteed to get your plumbing system working again. When they need reliable service at an honest price from a skilled plumber, Dallas residents can call Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Dallas.

Quality Plumbing Service You can Rely on

From clogged drains, drain cleaning and toilet repair to slab leak detection, sewer line replacement and tankless water heaters, you can get it all from a licensed Mr. Rooter plumber. Dallas residents never need to worry—our workmanship is backed by our Done Right Promise so you can rest easy knowing the job is done right the first time.

Our team is proud to service Dallas, IrvingPlanoMesquiteGarlandRichardson and many more nearby areas.

Time to Call a Plumber? Dallas Can Count On the Best From Mr. Rooter!

Our service is about more than just good plumbing repair—we provide homes and businesses with upfront prices and free estimates to give them peace of mind and control over their situation with the help of a qualified plumber. Dallas plumbing issues are stressful and require immediate help, which is why we provide upfront, flat rate prices quickly. It's also why we offer emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Call today for efficient repairs and courteous, friendly service from an expert plumber in Dallas, TX.

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Great Reasons to Choose Mr. Rooter Plumbing

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    Never an Overtime Charge

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    Upfront Pricing

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    Exceptional Customer Service

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    Locally Owned and Operated

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    Licensed and Insured

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    Workmanship Parts Guaranteed

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    Courteous, Uniformed Professionals

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    Convenient Appointment Times

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    Flexible Service Options

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Plumbing Service You can Rely on

Our service is about more than good plumbing repair, too—we provide homes and businesses with upfront prices and free estimates to give them peace of mind and control over their situation. Plumbing issues are stressful and require immediate help, which is why we provide upfront prices quickly. It's also why we offer emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Call today for efficient repairs and courteous, friendly service from Mr. Rooter Plumbing.

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Professional Plumber Dallas

The last thing that you need is to have a pipe burst in your home or your business, but when it happens, you need the best licensed plumber Dallas has to offer—that’s us!

As your trusted local plumbing professionals, we have the knowledge, training and tools to respond to emergencies, cracked pipes and leak problems at any time of day or night with service from a capable plumber. Dallas has the reassurance of knowing there is a plumbing company ready to provide quality plumbing services whenever you need them, and we aim to make sure that our customers stay safe with dependable service from a qualified professional.

When you need a plumber, Dallas service professionals on our team can handle all residential and commercial plumbing issues, whether it's installing new plumbing fixtures, maintaining your plumbing system or repairing a broken pipe. We work hard to ensure that our customers are nothing short of happy with our service for each and every appointment. Our team is ready to take your call, and we go above and beyond for our customers at every turn. There are industry standards, and then there are our Dallas plumber standards!

Are you ready to get your plumbing issues sorted out fast by an experienced plumber? Dallas residents, don't hesitate—give our team a call today and let us help you!

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What Makes Our Dallas Plumbers Different?

When you need a plumber, Dallas localized, to come into your home or business to make repairs or perform routine maintenance, you are looking for professional individuals who won't waste your time or money. You need to trust that the expert stepping into your home or business is going to be able to identify the problem, find the fix and make it happen swiftly—and you want them to stick to your budget, too. Well, the team members at Mr. Rooter are not your average plumbing professionals. You can count on us to be punctual and efficient professionals who don't waste your time.

We take pride in ensuring our customers know we care, down to the last plumber. Dallas residents should be able to expect courtesy and respect from their local plumber. Dallas homeowners hate having to handle an unexpected plumbing emergency, so why not let us handle it for you?

Our experienced Dallas plumbers are trusted by local homeowners and business owners across the region. You have to make snap decisions when it comes to your plumbing issues, and we want to make sure you have all the information before the job is completed. You can expect to get a price upfront, with no hidden fees or charges. If you have any questions, the Dallas plumber who attends your property will be more than happy to answer them for you.

Safety and Cleanliness Matter to Our Team

Leaks and cracked pipe emergencies are unfortunate, but you can have confidence knowing we'll pick up the phone when you call us to service your home or business, and dispatch our best plumber. Dallas residents like to keep their homes clean and safe. As a local Dallas plumbing company, we're also concerned with your health and safety and that of our team. All our emergency plumbing service calls, installations and other services come with practiced health and safety measures, diligently carried out by qualified plumbers. Dallas professionals on our team also wear shoe covers, bring our own mats, keep our work area clean and tidy up when the job is done!

So Why Choose Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Dallas?

When there is a plumbing emergency in your home or business, you need to get back to normal as quickly as possible with help from an efficient plumber. Dallas residents will be instantly reassured that they're dealing with experts when they see our experience in the plumbing industry in action. You depend on your home or business to have a properly working system, and that requires the help of a qualified plumber. Dallas homeowners hardly pay attention to their plumbing until they can no longer use it—and when they can't use it, it's a huge problem!

When that happens, it's time to call a trustworthy plumber. Dallas needs professionals who can come in and do a great job the first time, whether it's plumbing installation, maintenance or emergency repairs. It's much easier to feel comfortable when you have a reliable, experienced plumber Dallas residents can trust to fix their plumbing problems quickly.

When you choose us, you're not just choosing any plumbing business or plumber Dallas has to offer. You're choosing to make an investment of your time and your money—as well as your trust. We've been serving local customers for some time now, and you only need to look at our feedback to see the positive impact that has been made over the years by each Mr. Rooter plumber. Dallas professionals are proud to serve their community. We’ve always maintained the highest standards in our plumbing service, and we know that we are continuing to build on a solid reputation within the community.

Our D-FW Plumbing Services

Whether you are dealing with business premises or a residential building, you need to trust that the problem will be diagnosed and fixed as soon as possible by a courteous plumber. Dallas experts on our team value our customers, and we will maintain professional service from the moment we meet until your plumbing issue is solved by our reliable plumber. Dallas customers and their property deserve the utmost respect, and that's why we keep your property clean and take our rubbish with us when we leave. From the moment you call us, we're confident you'll feel reassured that you are dealing with an expert plumber. Dallas can count on us to remain available for our customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Our D-FW plumbing company is professionally insured to protect our customers. The professionals at Mr. Rooter offer in-home and business estimates for the problem that you need solving, and we are proud to be locally owned and operated. Our company knows you prefer to have a licensed expert in your home or business, and that's why we always hire the best plumber Dallas can provide. We guarantee our workmanship and all parts included in our service, and can offer up-front pricing so that you aren't surprised by fees you didn't expect. The experts on our team attend jobs in uniform, offering you the reassurance that you have a professional you can trust at your door. You can schedule an appointment with us, and we will be there when you need us.

Understanding Your Problem

Our reliable Dallas plumbers can identify major and minor plumbing issues and build a great rapport with all of our customers. How? We walk you through the issues you are facing, taking the time to explain the problems to you before your system is repaired. All homeowners should know that our biggest satisfaction comes from happy customers, which is why we adhere to all codes and work safely.

You deserve the very best, and that includes the undivided attention of an experienced plumber. Dallas residents who want a warm, friendly, expert working on their home or business can contact us today.

Commercial Services

When you run a business, continuity and disaster preparedness is so important. You need to make sure that you don't shut down in an emergency, which is why you need to have the best plumber Dallas has to offer on speed dial to help when things get rough. Every commercial system needs a capable plumber. Dallas business owners trust Mr. Rooter to get the job done, and we can provide you with references if you would like to know more about the services we offer. If you are looking for an experienced plumber who can come in and verify that your business is safe for operation, let us help. For commercial plumbing services, call our experts and let us get your business back on its feet as soon as possible.

Residential Services

Not sure what plumbing contractor or company you should trust with your home service when you need a skilled plumber? Dallas homeowners can rely on our professional Dallas plumbers to fix broken pipes, leaking toilets, leaking faucets, slab leak repair, and broken water tanks. We can come to your home for a plumbing emergency that needs immediate service from a plumber. Dallas, TX experts on our team can also perform ongoing preventative maintenance and a plumbing inspection if your home needs annual service from an experienced Dallas plumber. You can also rely on us for scheduled services such as toilet installation, faucet repair, slab leak detection, Dallas drain cleaning service and much more to meet your every plumbing need for kitchen and bathroom plumbing, and beyond!

24/7 Emergency Plumbing Services

If there's anything worse than an unexpected, dirty, downright disgusting plumbing emergency, it's having that emergency occur in the middle of the night or during a holiday long weekend. Since not everyone has the time, equipment or know-how to be a capable plumber, Dallas residents need access to emergency DFW plumbing service 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Your plumbing system doesn't wait for business hours before it breaks down, and that's why we're standing by at all times, ready to dispatch the dependable plumber Dallas homeowners require in an emergency situation. Call us any time of the day or night and we'll be at your door with a smile as soon as possible to get your system back in perfect working order.

Now Is the Best Time to Call a Plumber, Dallas!

Problems with your plumbing system, whether it's residential or commercial, can be stressful, aggravating and sometimes even downright scary. Regardless of what's happening, you should be able to get fast, effective assistance from the very best plumber Dallas can provide—and that's why we're here!

Experiencing Leaking Pipes?

Water leaks can cause substantial damage to your home. It's critical to stop the leak, identify the cause, and get a repair right away from a qualified plumber. Dallas plumbing professionals on our team are trained in leak detection and use the latest video inspection technology to solve your plumbing problem. Whether it's a leaky kitchen faucet or you need help with a running toilet, call our courteous professionals today.

Want to Learn More About Water Heaters?

Not sure whether to go for a tankless water heater or not? To speak with an expert about tankless water heaters or tank-style electric water heaters, call a Mr. Rooter plumber. Dallas residents can get all their water heater questions answered by getting in contact with our knowledgeable staff. We work with all major brands of water heaters and can assist with hot water heater installation, repairs and maintenance.

Interested in Saving Money on Your Water Bill?

Did you know that a leaky faucet can cost money over time if it's not repaired by a plumber? Dallas homeowners can pay a lot more than necessary on their water bill thanks to a dripping faucet—not only are they wasteful, but that slow drip can really add up. You don't need to be a leak detection expert to know that the same goes for running toilets! In fact, one of the most common causes for a running toilet is overflow water leaking into the bowl from the tank. Our professionals have seen it all, and we know faucets and toilets very well! Just give us a call, and we will schedule a convenient appointment time to send a plumber. The professionals on our team can actually help you save a significant amount of money on your utility bill by stopping water wastage.

Dealing With Clogged Drains?

There's nothing more off-putting to your customers than the smell of a blocked drain, and if you want your commercial business to remain unaffected by it, you need a good, permanent fix. We are able to come and quote you a price so you get the best value for your business from a reliable plumber, Dallas-style. You need that drain cleared away, and the more you ignore it the worse it will be.

Slow draining water, gurgling sounds and awful odors are signs of a clogged drain that hasn't gotten the attention it needs from a plumber. Dallas homeowners often have this problem, and we are able to help! Our licensed plumbers can ensure your pipes are running smoothly. The last thing you need is a backed-up drain in the shower or bath. Where there are clogged drains, whether it's a clogged sink or clogged shower, that call for a plumber, Dallas experts at Mr. Rooter can get your plumbing system running smoothly. Whether it's sewer lines, drain cleaning, or sewer repairs, contact our expert team today and let's get your home back to its best!

Need Plumbing Repairs?

Mr. Rooter has you covered for all your repair and installation needs, including preventative maintenance and repair by a trusted plumber. Dallas, we are here to help you with all your plumbing needs year-round! From drains and faucet repair to garbage disposal installation, toilet replacement, and water heater repair, count on us for your next installation project, annual maintenance or any other plumbing repair services.

Call Mr. Rooter Today to Reach an Expert Plumber, Dallas!

The best thing that you can do in a plumbing crisis is to call expert plumbers to assess and arrange a permanent fix. We are a team of skilled plumbing professionals that both business owners and homeowners rely on for optimal results. We always hire the best plumber Dallas has to offer, who can attend your home or business and provide you with quality care and attention. We are neat, tidy and ensure all our staff are highly trained before ever setting foot in your business or your home.

Whether you have a plumbing emergency, clogged drain, or need a hand with water heater repair from a qualified plumber, Dallas residents can rely on Mr. Rooter! No matter the circumstances, contact us today. We'll chat with you about the problem and let you know how we can help. Call us to get started.

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Dallas

Choose the plumbing services team in your area. When it comes to selecting the right team for your commercial or residential plumbing services, Mr. Rooter is the right choice.

Areas We Serve

Addison, Allen, Balch Springs, Carrollton, Cedar Hill, Coppell, Dallas, Desoto, Duncanville, Ferris, Flower Mound, Garland, Hutchins, Irving, Lancaster, Lewisville, McKinney, Mesquite, Plano, Red Oak, Richardson, Rowlett, Sachse, Seagoville, Sunnyvale, Wilmer, Wylie

Services We Provide

Clogged Drains

From smells to messes to unwanted residue, a clogged drain can be a serious inconvenience and nuisance. Watch out for signs like water draining extremely slow, gurgling sounds coming out of your drains, and even foul smells in the kitchen or bathroom.

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Plumbing Repairs

Whether you have a broken toilet, damaged faucet, or busted pipe, our team of skilled plumbers is just a phone call away. Our certified plumbers walk you through the problem. We’ll tackle plumbing repairs around-the-clock, remaining available for all types of plumbing repair emergencies.

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