Dallas Burst Pipe Repair Services

A pipe burst is certainly not something a homeowner wants to experience on their property, but, unfortunately, these incidents can happen, and you may not get much of a visible warning sign until it is too late.

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Our Dallas burst pipe repair services are designed not only for emergency plumbing repairs but also for early leak detection as part of preventative maintenance.

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Your professional plumber in Dallas, TX recommends routine plumbing inspections and diagnosis to ensure your drain and water supply lines are in decent condition, so you won’t have to face the disaster of a burst pipe. Repair services from Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Dallas are available, even in the event of a plumbing emergency. To inquire about our 24/7 emergency services, give us a call today or read on to learn more about our Dallas burst pipe repair services and how to detect early warning signs of broken pipes.

What Does Dallas Burst Pipe Repairs Include?

It’s easy to believe that burst pipe repairs only involve repairing water pipes, but your sewer line and household drains are also susceptible to bursts. Unless the water leak you experience is from a leaky faucet or water stains on your ceiling, other types of pipe bursting that occur behind walls, concrete, or underground are much harder to detect.

Plumbing Diagnosis and Inspection

During a professional inspection service, you can expect your experienced plumber in Dallas to have their advanced tools ready, including a video inspection camera and leak detection devices, such as acoustic listening and thermographic imaging. Since pipe bursting in Dallas typically occurs due to sediment and deposit buildup inside your supply and drain lines, we’ll need to locate clogs, detect leaks and check for corroded pipes. Once we have determined the underlying issue, we will explain to you our findings and what we believe is the best cause of action.

Dallas Burst Pipe Repair

Unfortunately, pipe bursts aren’t always just caused by loose joint fittings, but by clogs, high pressure, and corrosion, whether it’s in your water line or sewer line. If your busted water pipe is behind concrete walls, we’ll perform a trenchless pipe repair service to recover your plumbing system. There are two main types of trenchless repair techniques that we regularly use, of which both are minimally invasive and don’t require excavation.

  • Pipe Lining: During this method, a couple of access holes are drilled into the wall, allowing your licensed plumbers to access the damaged line. Then, an inflatable replacement pipe is soaked in epoxy resin before our technician pulls the tubing through one of the access holes. Once the tube reaches the affected area, it will inflate and cure in place, covering the damage.
  • Hydraulic Power: This method is commonly referred to as “pipe bursting.” During this type of repair, your Dallas plumber uses hydraulic pressure to break the affected pipe section into pieces before installing a brand-new section in place.

The trenchless method is a cutting-edge technology that helps protect your home from property damage and other costly damage. It’s also capable of completing full replacement services of underground systems.

When in need of broken pipe repairs, rely on Mr. Rooter’s professional Dallas burst pipe repair services.

The Mr. Rooter Plumbing Difference

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As your local expert, Mr. Rooter takes pride in serving the local community of Dallas and surrounding areas, including Richardson, Highland Park, Plano, and beyond.

Our professional plumbing services have been available since the 1970s and, since then, we have grown into North America’s leading plumbing company with over 200 locally owned and operated franchises. We pride ourselves on being our local community’s first-choice plumbers who bring decades of experience are fully insured to complete various projects, from routine plumbing maintenance to emergency pipe repairs. Our guaranteed workmanship always results in customer satisfaction and to keep it that way, all of our plumbing services are covered by our Done Right Promise®!

FAQs About Burst Pipe Repairs | Dallas, TX

What Are The Common Signs I Need Dallas Burst Pipe Repairs?

Dallas, TX homeowners may notice a drop in water pressure even though they’re the only person using the tap in the house and no one’s in the shower and the washing machine is not on. If serious telltale signs are not visible, they will later show in the form of increased energy bills, wet stains, brownish water, musty smell, and mold growth. More noticeable warning signs include puddles of water in the lower levels, under the sink, or near your water heater. With immediate Dallas burst pipe repair, you will protect your home from extensive water damage.

How Much Does Dallas Burst Pipe Repair Cost? And What If The Damage Is Behind A Wall?

The cost of the repair service will depend on how bad the damage is and also includes water damage restoration. But the most important thing is a thorough inspection service from your professional plumber. A leaky pipe behind your drywall can be tackled with our trenchless repair technique, whereas a slab leak would be a more challenging project to handle, depending on the level of damage it has done to your foundation and other structures. But you can rest easy knowing that Mr. Rooter provides a transparent upfront pricing system, during which our trustworthy technicians will run the necessary diagnostics first to determine the underlying issue. You will get a cost estimate before the initial service and that will be the price with no hidden costs or overtime charges, even in the event of an emergency.

Will My Home Insurance Cover Pipe Burst in My Home?

From our experience, every home insurance company works differently, and it highly depends on your homeowner's insurance policies and the plan you have chosen. Some high-level coverages may cover some repairs, but the majority often won’t. Your insurance company will most likely cover some water damage that may have affected your walls, floors, and ceilings but, typically, not the pipe repair service. Our expert team is happy to help you with your insurance claim, so you’ll have the opportunity to negotiate with your insurance agent.

It’s an Emergency! Get Dallas Burst Pipe Repairs Today!

Don’t let any small plumbing issues develop into something big, whether you’re experiencing clogged drains, inoperable garbage disposal, or annoying drain flies. Your local, expert plumbers in Dallas, TX are available when you need them for professional inspections and maintenance.

Let us help you prevent costly repairs in the future by offering you regular drain cleaning and protective plumbing installation services. Call our friendly customer service reps today to schedule a convenient appointment or for emergency Dallas burst pipe repair services.

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