Preparing Your Plumbing for Warmer Weather

Homeowner watching plumber work on sink faucet

We all know that the maintenance required on homes and business structures never ends. Spring is here and with it comes warmer weather. Although we're well aware that winterizing plumbing is important, we often forget that it's just as important to check our plumbing in the Spring in order to prevent damage and costly repairs at a later date. Here are a few things that you need to do now that warmer weather is upon us.

1. Faucet Check

Air in the lines and low water pressure can be indications of a bigger problem such as a leak somewhere in the line. It may be necessary to contact a plumber who can trace the line and make sure leaks have not developed over the winter. To find out if such a problem exists, simply turn on the cold water and listen to see if air burps can be heard. Do the same thing to the hot water as well. If the air doesn't clear within a few minutes, the pipes are probably leaking.

2. Exposed Pipe Check

Leaks in exposed pipes can often be identified with a visual inspection. When pipes are leaking, damp, mossy, moldy, or boggy areas will develop near the leaks. Without immediate repair, they can ultimately damage the foundation of a structure so an immediate fix is required.

3. Toilet Check

Add a few drops of food coloring to a toilet tank to see if leaks have developed over the winter months. After a few minutes, if the color can also be seen in the bowl, it might indicate that the flapper needs to be replaced. It's a fairly easy job and an inexpensive repair.

4. Outside Check

During the winter months, gutters and downspouts can become clogged with buildup and debris and downspout drains can become misaligned. Any overflow of water from these protective features can damage the foundation of a structure. All gutters and downspouts should be cleared and the drains attached to downspouts should be faced away from a building's foundation.

There are many other basic maintenance tips to ensure the plumbing system in a home or office building is ready for warmer weather. What's most important is to be aware of the warning signs of broken or leaking pipes then make repairs or call a professional immediately.

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