Hydro Jetting Right for You

Hydro-jetting is a pipe-cleaning method that many professional plumbing contractors use. This cleaning method is able to get your sewer line back to its proper functioning condition.

What is Hydro Jetting?

A high-pressure stream of water is shot through the pipelines. In most instances, hydro-jetting systems will normally use 400 psi. This is able to thoroughly scrub and flush out any buildup that has accumulated in your pipes over the years. In some cases, this high-powered stream of water is able to remove bacteria, grease, scum, and soap buildup. The high water pressure is able to get rid of all different types of debris without causing any damage to your pipes. Hydro jetting works best for when you need to clean out your main drain, also known as a Sewer line.

Hydro Jetting Nozzle

Why Choose Hydro Jetting?

Choosing Hydro jetting means that you are picking the most effective solution for clearing out clogged drains. There are different sizes of hydro jets that can be used. A skilled professional will be able to determine which size will work best for you.

This pipe cleaning method is also able to penetrate deeper into built-up debris and flush out rocks, roots, minerals, and any other obstruction that can clog up your pipes. It is also a very convenient option, due to the fact that it has a higher ability to clear out major clogs.

Good for Residential and Commercial

For residential places, hydro-jetting can be used to remove silt, sand, and other things that have gotten built up such as hair clogs and other residues that have built up onto the wall of the pipes. This is a good choice if you are experiencing slow-moving pipes. It is also a good option if you have tried other drain cleaning methods without getting the results that you were hoping to see.

There are some commercial residents that should get their pipes routinely cleaned. For instance, restaurants should clean their pipes to help remove grease and food particles that have built up.


Benefits of hydro plumbing can include:

-Safe for pipes. Hydro jetting will not cause any damage to your pipes when it is done by professionals.

-No chemicals needed. Since only water is used, it is an eco-friendly way to clean out pipes.

-Removing every type of clog. The high-pressure water will be able to break apart even the most stubborn blockages.

-Long-lasting. This pipe-cleaning method can help prevent any future problems from happening.

-No Digging. In most cases, hydro jetting pipes is able to fix any pipe-related problem. Which means that you will not have to dig up or replace pipes.

Hydro Jetting Nozzle Spraying


While hydro jetting is a great way to clean out clogged pipes, it can still have some disadvantages. The main one is having to water pressure. When there is too much water pressure being shot through your pipes it is possible that it could damage them. This is usually only seen in older, fragile, or damaged pipes. Since they are already weakened, to begin with, adding high amounts of force tends to push them over the edge and causes them to break. This extra damage can be avoided when hydro jetting is done by a professional.