Residential Spot Repair Services in Phoenix, AZ

At Mr. Rooter Phoenix, we believe that it is essential to provide customers with the most effective sewer and drain repair services in the plumbing industry. Residential, commercial, and municipal drain systems are used every day in Arizona which means it is important to take care of them all year long. If you are experiencing slow flushing drains, flooding, or leaking, it is probably time to call in your local professionals at Mr. Rooter Phoenix to solve your problem. Our team is made up of industry professionals that service the areas of Arlington, Carefree, Cave Creek, Chandler, El Mirage, Gilbert, Glendale, Mesa, Palo Verde, Paradise Valley, Peoria, and Phoenix.

A Mr. Rooter plumber walking up to a house

Mr. Rooter plumber walking up to a house

The spot repair services we provide at Mr. Rooter Phoenix rely heavily on the drain inspection and drain cleaning process that takes place prior to any repair we conduct. Drain inspection is a simple process that allows us to assess the state of your sewer and drain system before we officially provide you with any repair service. The drain inspection is conducted through a single access point that is either pre-existing or dug by one of our trained technicians. When the access point is established, a Mr. Rooter Phoenix technician will insert a high-resolution camera into your drain that is moved through your pipe system via a flexible rod. As the camera moves through your drain system it provides us with a live view of your pipes interior revealing cracks, leaks, clogs, and blockages.

When the cause of your sewer and drain problem is established, drain cleaning will be conducted to prep the pipeline for repair. Hydro jetting is our most reliable form of drain cleaning that is fast and environmentally-friendly. The process uses the same access point that was established for the sewer camera inspection. One of our professionals will insert a hose with a multi-directional head into your drain that sprays high-pressure water to clear out all buildup and debris that has accumulated within your pipes. When the water has flushed out all clogs, it is time for spot repair.

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Why Point Repair is Beneficial

Spot repair is an innovative trenchless repair process that allows us to repair a section of your pipe without replacing your whole system. Most of the time, sewer and drain issues are located in one area and not spread throughout the system which means that traditional dig-and-replace methods were not the most efficient way to solve your pipe problems. Spot repair is interchangeable with point repair, but both refer to a trenchless repair that restores a small section of your pipe system.

The spot repair process has two steps. The first step is identifying the damaged section of the pipe which takes place during the drain inspection. The second step is repairing the section of your pipeline where the source of the problem is occurring. Point repair deals with the repair of smaller pipes, so it allows the process to be completed within the day. Spot repair is beneficial because it does not involve harmful excavation resulting in property damage.

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At Mr. Rooter Phoenix, we service Phoenix and its surround areas including Queen Creek, Scottsdale, Sun City, Sun City West, Surprise, Tempe, Tonopah, and Youngtown. If you are interested in spot repair for your residential or commercial property, call our friendly associates today. We would be happy to assist you with your sewer and drain repair.

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