When you turn on the tap and expect water to come rushing out, but only get a few drops, you’re probably facing a low water pressure problem. Your friendly experts at Mr. Rooter of Phoenix are here to help families and businesses of the Phoenix area banish your plumbing headaches. In addition to reducing your level of comfort, low water pressure can mean an increase in your water bill. If you’ve noticed that water is not flowing to your property the way that it used to, it might be time to contact a professional.

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What Are Common Causes of Low Water Pressure?

Trickles from your shower head and faucet are easy to identify, but how can you know the cause of your low water pressure? It can seem like a good idea to reach for a simple do-it-yourself solution, but oftentimes these home remedies can just mask the problem and allow it to accumulate into a larger issue with the potential for costly damage. It’s important for the health of your property to know when to call a professional. Some of the most common causes of low water pressure include a buildup of dirt, debris, and minerals, which can constrict the pathways of your pipes and reduce the flow of water. Clogs and blockages from soap and hair that get trapped in your drains can also cause low water pressure. There are a variety of common culprits, but luckily our team of technicians has the expertise necessary to diagnose each unique complication.

Inspecting and Cleaning Your Phoenix Pipes

Your pipes are designed to bring clean water to your property as efficiently as possible, but it can be hard for the average home or business owner to figure out what’s causing their drains to perform poorly. Usually, your pipes are located in hard-to-reach places like inside your walls, under the foundation of your building, or under the landscaping, but with our advanced technology, we can quickly and accurately determine the cause of your plumbing problem.

Sewer Camera Inspection

This is typically the first step our technicians will take to figure out what’s causing your pipes to underperform. After finding or creating a small access point, our team of industry experts will send a high-definition video camera into your pipes with the help of a flexible rod. The sewer camera provides a live video feed of the interior of your pipes, allowing us to search for any buildup, clogs, blockages, cracks, or breaks.

Drain Cleaning Services

At Mr. Rooter of Phoenix, we use the most advanced, economical, and environmentally-friendly cleaning options to spray your pipes free of troublesome obstructions. One of the patented methods we use most frequently is called HydroScrub technology. HydroScrub jetting involves using fresh water, sprayed through a high-pressure hose with a multi-directional nozzle to clean every inch of the inside of your Arizona pipes.

Schedule Routine Maintenance with Mr. Rooter of Phoenix

The best way to avoid future headaches like low water pressure is to be vigilant about the health of your pipes and schedule routine maintenance services. During a regular inspection, our professionals will be able to keep any potentially harmful buildup at bay while keeping you up to date on the life of your pipes.

Our team at Mr. Rooter of Phoenix has the experience to tackle any problem your pipes might encounter. Whether large or small, we’re always available and eager to get the job done right as quickly as possible. To schedule an appointment with experts that you can trust, call one of our associates today.

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