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At Mr. Rooter Plumbing, we offer commercial water softener installation and maintenance services in Phoenix, Arizona. Water softeners are necessary filtration devices that reduce mineral-density, or hardness, in commercial water lines. Our Mr. Rooter technicians test water hardness before moving forward with water softening installation services, and guarantee that the installation of a water softener will be beneficial to your commercial space. There are a variety of water factors to consider before you speak with a technician about commercial water softener installation in Phoenix including the hardness of the water, the effects of hard water on your pipes, and the benefits of having a water softener or water filtration system.

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Water Hardness Testing

Our expert professionals at Mr. Rooter Plumbing can test the hardness of your commercial water lines and suggest an appropriate function filter. When a technician tests your water, they will look for minerals that are heavy, and leave thick, white residue on dishes and drains. The top two minerals our technicians look for are calcium and magnesium. We take special care to make sure that the water softening filter you choose corresponds to your waterline’s needs. We believe your waterline should be equipped with devices that serve your commercial property in the best way possible. Call a technician today to speak with them about water hardness testing and installation services.

The Effects of High Water Hardness

Long-term high water hardness has negative effects on a commercial water line. Long-term effects of water hardness include mineral build up, fixture failure, mineral stains on the interior of your building, and costly plumbing restoration services. Calcium and magnesium buildup is common in water lines that do not have water softeners installed. The buildup of minerals will eventually obstruct, or clog a water line. In water appliances, like shower heads or faucets, high mineral buildup can cause the appliances to fail, underperform, or become caked with minerals. Many times your washing machines, and dishwashers will have a coating on blades, and agitators that will transfer to whatever is being washed.

Water Softener Benefits

Water softeners are beneficial to pipelines because you don’t have to worry about frequent waterline cleaning services. However, quarterly hydro scrubbing services are always beneficial in clearing your pipes of mineral buildup and clog. Water appliance malfunctions are inevitable if a commercial business does not install a water softener. If you install a water softener, you won’t need to worry about spending money to keep having the interior of your pipes cleaned. They will run clear, and save you time and money in the long run. Benefits of water softeners and water filtration systems include lower pipe-cleaning needs, no more mineral buildup, less frequent plumbing restoration service, and higher functioning water appliances

Water Softener vs. Water Filter Service

Water softeners filter minerals from your commercial water lines. They differ from water filtration systems that help filter water to make it suitable to drink. Our technicians suggest to always remember to have a filter on-hand for filtering tap water for drinking because what people put down their drains (prescription medications, cleaning products, chemicals, and even hormones) can end up in your tap water. Call our team to schedule an appointment with an expert technician to have a water filter device installed in your commercial space today and help create a safe space for all employees, customers, and guests.

Call a Mr. Rooter for Water Softener and Filtration Services Today

Our team of friendly experts at Mr. Rooter Phoenix will be happy to speak with you about water hardness testing and water softener installation. Ask your local technician about the city’s current water conditions and stay informed on the hardness of your water. Phoenix water conditions fluctuate depending on the habits of the surrounding population. Call us today to talk about water softeners, water safety, and maintenance tips. We look forward to hearing from you.

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