At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Phoenix, our drain cleaning services are an important component of all of the work we do. Whether we conduct a leak detection session and need to clean the drains for our pipe lining solutions or a formation of clogs and organic materials need to be removed, we do so without damaging your property.

The Initial Inspection

When you schedule an appointment with our team, we arrive promptly and conduct a preliminary inspection prior to continuing with any further work. Our team values precision and accuracy, and by offering a holistic view of the inside of your pipes, we can ensure that our solution will completely resolve the issue.

A waterproof camera attached to a flexible optic cable is inserted into the pipeline, and the camera relays video information back to our technician. During this inspection, we include leak detection principles to help identify problems that aren’t large and tangible, such as clogs, and this allows our experts to take a closer look at the condition of the pipes themselves.

Drain Cleaning Methods

When we have identified the exact source of the problem, we can move forward with the best solution. Our HydroScrub® jetting equipment is specialized to effectively remove clogs and tree root clumps, making it the most effective method for clearing away any organic material.

This procedure involves a pressurized water pump, a flexible hose, and a rotating, water jetting head attachment. The water jetting head is fed into the sewer pipe. The high-pressure water is strong enough to blast apart invading tree root balls or any other internal obstruction. At the same time, the corrosion that naturally builds up along the inside of pipe walls is also eradicated. When the procedure is completed, the internal wall of the pipeline has been scoured and its initial, smooth surface is restored.

Our HydroScrub® jetting equipment is not only a safe method for removing clogs, but it also offers other benefits and features that make it desirable and a long-term solution, including:

  • An eco-friendly process that limits machinery & water
  • The water is chemical-free
  • The water pressure is forceful enough to safely remove tree roots & other materials without damaging the pipeline material

In situations when our preliminary inspections reveal a much deeper problem, such as a leak or crack in the pipe, our experts will recommend restoring the pipe through our pipe lining services. This process allows us to line the interior of the pipe without needing to remove it or dig a trench. Part of what allows us to achieve this no-dig, trenchless solution is to thoroughly clean the drains with our equipment. Not only are our drain cleaning methods effective for removing clogs and obstructions but we can also rely on the equipment to clean the pipes and prepare them to be lined with the epoxy resin.

Schedule Regular Drain Cleaning Sessions & Checkups With Us

Finally, we encourage our customers in Peoria to get in touch with us and schedule consistent drain cleaning appointments throughout the year. Since organic materials can begin to become trapped in pipes very early on, it’s important to have the pipes checked and the materials removed as needed so that the pipes don’t suffer from major damage later on. With our easily transportable equipment and technicians always ready to help, our team at Mr. Rooter Phoenix is always ready to assist residents in need.

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