Many Bellevue homeowners who has ever had to have their sewer lines repaired or replaced using the traditional method knows all the aggravation that comes with it – there is the mess, the costs, and not to mention the length of time before you can start using their sewer systems.

Well, here is good news – if you need to have your sewer line repair or replaced, you do not have to endure any of those anymore. Here at Mr. Rooter, we employ the latest trenchless pipe repair and replacement technologies – technologies which do away with all the hassles of the traditional methods.

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Bellevue Pipe Relining

Our Bellevue pipe relining services is appropriate in situations where pipes have only incurred minor damages and are still viable for repairs. Here, instead of digging up your sewer and unnecessarily replacing them, we can repair your old pipe and make it work just like new.

The process works by running a specially formulated epoxy resin inside your old pipes. Once the epoxy resin is in place, an air-filled bladder is then inserted to hold it until it cures (which is why this process is also called CIPP (Cure in Place Pipe) and Pipe Rehabilitation). Once it cures, the air-filled bladder is removed, leaving you with a brand-new pipe inside your old pipe.

Aside from saving you from spending on unnecessary pipe replacement, pipe relining also comes with another benefit – durability and longevity. The epoxy resin used in pipe relining is extremely durable, even stronger than concrete. As such, old pipes which undergo pipe relining process can last for fifty years or even longer.

Pipe Bursting Service

When your sewer lines can no longer be repaired, the only option is to have them replaced. Pipe replacements usually involve days of excavation; however, with pipe bursting methods, there is no more need for digging up your lawn or yard, and the process takes hours instead of days.

In pipe bursting, the new pipe is connected to the bursting head and inserted through the old pipe. A cable and hydraulic machine pulls the bursting head further inside the old pipe, and in the process, the bursting head bursts the old pipe while laying the new pipe in place. After the process, the old pipes would have been fragmented to pieces and a new pipe in place.

Therefore, for Bellevue sewer line repairs and replacement without the hassles of the traditional method, contact Mr. Rooter. We have the knowledge and equipment necessary to successfully get your sewers working again quickly and efficiently.

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