Flooding and water damage caused by aging, faulty, and defective plumbing and appliances cost homeowners billions of dollars each year.

  • Washing machine hoses split, supply pipes can freeze and burst, dishwashers and toilets leak, and water heaters simply wear out-all resulting in needless, expensive property damage.
  • Homeowner’s insurance may help defray some costs of the losses and repairs, but it will never prevent loss or damage to irreplaceable items. Water leaks occur in millions of homes every year, so don’t leave your home unprotected.
  • Mr. Rooter of Seattle has partnered with WaterCop by DynaQuip to be a certified installer of their WaterCop system, a leader in valve automation technology, to help effectively reduce the damage caused by common plumbing-related failures.
  • Installation of the WaterCop system as added protection against plumbing floods can significantly and effectively reduce the likelihood of property damage and may help you to qualify for discounts on your home insurance premiums. Be sure to ask your insurance agent or underwriting professional if you qualify for a discount.
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WaterCop by DynaQuip
How does the WaterCop system work?

  • WaterCop System PartsThe WaterCop automatic water shut-off system consists of an automatic valve and a network of flood temperature sensors. Flood sensors actively monitor predetermined and specific leak-prone areas inside your home and will activate the WaterCop automatic valve when accumulating water is detected.
  • The WaterCop automatic valve installs on your main water supply line near where it enters the home and will automatically turn off the water when notified. The WaterCop system can be activated by its sensor network, a remote switch, or most security and smart home systems.

WaterCop offers a growing family of solutions to reduce damage caused by common plumbing-related failures:

  • WaterCopPRO Integrated: Whole-house protection with hardwired or wireless sensor network
  • WaterCop Classic: Wireless network of leak and temperature sensors
  • WaterCop LeakStop PLUS: Single-point leak detection with audible alarm

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