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Mr. Rooter Plumbing Top 5 Services: Leaks

Do you have a water leak in your home? If it’s been a while since you checked on your plumbing, a leak could be wasting water and raising your monthly bill without your knowledge. The average household wastes 22 gallons per day from water leaks, and one in 10 homes wastes a massive 90 gallons or more per day. Fixing leaks in the average home can save about 10 percent on your water bills.

Whether you have environmental concerns or monetary savings on your mind, it’s important to stop a leaking pipe before it damages your plumbing system or your home. Remember, leaks often start small and grow gradually until significant property damage has occurred. Here’s how to spot leaks stemming from different fixtures so you can put a stop to them.

Leaking Faucets

One of the most common types of leaks Mr. Rooter® deals with is the leaking faucet. A steady “drip, drip, drip” is a sign the faucet isn’t closing tightly and is therefore wasting money. If two faucets in your home drip at a rate of 10 drips per minute, you’re wasting almost two gallons of water every day, or nearly 700 gallons per year.

What’s worse is if you have a leaking pipe under the sink. This can allow water to puddle in the under-sink cabinet and seep into the floor, not only raising your water bills, but also causing mold to grow and the floor’s structural integrity to fail.

No matter what type of faucet leak you’re facing, Mr. Rooter can check it out and fix the problem before any real damage occurs.

Leaking Toilets

Most toilet leaks occur between the tank and bowl, wasting water but not putting your home at risk. However, if you notice uneven floor tiles or mysterious puddles around the toilet, water could be leaking beyond the confines of the toilet tank and bowl.

Don’t ignore this problem or the subfloor in your bathroom could be irreparably damaged! Let Mr. Rooter take a look and repair the problem for you.

Leaking Water Heater

As the source of hot water for showering, doing dishes and washing laundry, you trust your water heater to work flawlessly. For this reason, you probably rarely check it for leaks. Make this a monthly priority to prevent structural damage to your home. Look for puddles near the water heater, uneven flooring at the base of the tank, dripping or other unusual sounds, and restricted hot water supply as signs of a leaking water heater.

Leaking Washing Machine Hoses

When washing machine hoses fail catastrophically, you could have a flood on your hands. Fortunately, slow leaks are more likely, giving you a chance to catch the problem and fix it before any real damage is done. Every month, check behind your washing machine for rusted, cracked, kinked or loose hoses. Replace rubber hoses with braided steel versions that last much longer.

Leaking Pipe

With plumbing running all through your home, leaks don’t always develop at a fixture. Pipe connections can spring a leak as well, causing water to drip behind the walls. Regular plumbing maintenance is the best way to prevent a leaking pipe.

To test for leaks anywhere in your plumbing, check the water meter outside your home. Refrain from using any water for two hours, and then check the water meter again. If the reading has changed, you have a leak somewhere.

If you suspect you have a leaking pipe or other plumbing problem, please contact Mr. Rooter Plumbing today. We can fix leaks and help you take steps to prevent plumbing problems in the future.