The U.S. States With the Most Neat Freaks

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Ensuring your spaces are clean and tidy is a burden that many people struggle to keep up with on a daily basis; however, for some superhumans, that is certainly not always the case. These forces of nature, affectionately known as neat freaks, have the uncanny ability to juggle the stressors of everyday life and keep their living areas looking spic and span.

To get a clearer picture of just how fastidious people in the U.S. are, we surveyed Americans coast to coast on their cleanliness to find out how clean they keep each room in their house and how frequently they find themselves cleaning. Read on to find out which states have the most neat freaks.

Ranking U.S. States From Cleanest to Messiest

A U.S. heatmap showing the states that keep their spaces the cleanest and messiest.

When it comes to keeping things clean, not all states are equal. Whether it's picking up all the toys in the living room or scrubbing the bathroom until it sparkles, some states are just a cut above the rest. Let's dive into the cleanest states and sneak a peek at a few of the messiest.

The Cleanest States

The Old Line State leads the country in cleanliness. Marylanders report keeping both their living rooms and cars cleaner than any other state, boasting the highest scores for those areas. The craziest part? They only clean for an average of 138 minutes per week (2 hours, 17 minutes).

Talk about efficiency!

Next in line is Georgia, where people seem to have a knack for keeping their bathrooms and bedrooms spotless. They're putting in the time, too, spending an average of 180 minutes on cleaning per week (3 hours).

Down in the Bayou State, cleanliness is no joke.

Louisianans keep their kitchens and living rooms in tip-top shape, and they're leading the pack when it comes to outdoor spaces. They clock in at just under 145 minutes of cleaning time per week (2 hours, 25 minutes), making them one of America's shining stars of tidiness.

The Messiest

On the other end of the spectrum, Delawareans might need a few more cleaning hacks. Based on our survey results, the First State isn't first in tidiness.

Delaware has the dirtiest bathrooms in the country, and its kitchens and cars aren't faring much better, either. Residents report they spend an average of about 125 minutes per week cleaning (2 hours, 5 minutes), so perhaps all they need is a little more elbow grease.

Massachusetts comes in just behind Delaware, with bathrooms being the second messiest in the country. Their living rooms also aren't winning any cleanliness awards, which is odd considering they spend an average of 131 minutes cleaning per week (2 hours, 11 minutes).

The Cleanest and Dirtiest Rooms in the U.S.

A graphic showing survey insights from a survey about Americans’ cleaning habits.

Let's face it: cleaning is a constant battle for many, and some rooms gather dust and clutter faster than others.

It appears the throne room is reigning supreme in the messiness department, with 3 in 10 Americans declaring the bathroom the dirtiest room in their house. Kitchens aren't too far behind at 23%, and bedrooms trail close at 22%.

While 53% of Americans make cleaning those rooms a weekly ritual, 33% tackle it daily, and only a brave 10% clean monthly.

Similarly, when facing those dreaded chores, 1 in 4 Americans (26%) feel a chill travel down their spine when it's time to disinfect the kitchen or bathrooms.

Perhaps this is because many people view scrubbing dishes as a never-ending chore, with 12% of Americans saying they would gladly give up their cell phone for a whole year if it meant they never had to break out the soap and sponge again.

To make matters a little easier, two-thirds of Americans (66%) believe a robot (such as an automatic vacuum) could handle the cleaning properly, and 16% are already living in the future with one.

Finally, and maybe most importantly, we found that tidiness isn't just about appearance. With 49% of Americans judging others based on how clean their homes are, keeping things sanitary might actually be a social necessity.

Closing Thoughts

From the neat freaks who keep their homes pristine to those who find the daily battle with clutter a never-ending challenge, there's a universal truth here: cleanliness matters.

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To determine which U.S. states are the cleanest and the messiest, we surveyed over 3,000 from 44 states and asked them about their typical cleaning habits.

Specifically, we got insight into how clean different rooms in their house currently are, how tidy they keep their outdoor spaces and cars, and how many minutes they spend cleaning every week. From there, we assigned values to each answer choice and created an index from cleanest to messiest based on the average survey response from every state.